Is it bermuda grass?

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by RicVa, Feb 27, 2004.

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    How can I tell if the now dormant grass in my yard is bermuda grass? I want to get rid of it because of how it looks dead outside of the summer time. I have been researching and it looks like Ornamec might do the trick - if it is in fact Bermuda.

    In VA, I have heard it referred to as "wire grass". People say how you cannot get rid of it. If you have been to this area, you probably know the grass that I am talking about, it is brown/yellow outside of the warm months.

    I know posting a picture would be best, but I don't have one right now.

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    The link below takes you to the Virginia Tech page on this weed. I know it can be difficult to always identify these correctly since others look very similar. A selective herbicide does seem to be your best bet, but do read the label carefully so you don't end up killing more than what you're targeting.
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    I've heard Bermuda often referred to as "wire grass" by homeowners so it well may be the turf in your lawn. Naturally agressive, it spreads by seeds, stolons and rhizomes so it can be a tough turf to eliminate. In the transition zone you can apply ornamec for control but a word of caution. If you have no desireable turf ie. turf-type-fescue or bluegrass, you can be worse off than waiting until the appropriate time to seed a cool-season grass. If you confirm that it is Bermuda, I would wait until late summer, apply a Glyphosate herbicide such as Roundup to all Bermuda areas...twice. Wait 1-2 wks and then dethatch, aerate thoroughly and overseed with the cool-season grass of your choice. One more thing...after all that you can begin the battle against Bermuda.

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