Is it fair to pay help 1/3 of earning per lawn.


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Is paying someone a 1/3 worth it? or should I just pay per hr. What is the going rate to pay per lawn? Remember this is for paying my help.


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Just did a search its $7.25/hr


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Most people I am running across are saying 1/3 of lawn earning. So I was just wondering.


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I pay by the job. It isn't exactly 1/3 per mow, as it varies by the job, but, you will get more work done, bottom line. This is especially true if you have a crew that you are not working with. Since they have no supervision, they will screw off big time. What do they care how much work gets done? They have no incentive and get paid the same for 8 hrs whether 1 lawn or 20 get cut.

I operate the same way on hardscaping, concrete, Spring cleanup or whatever job it is we are doing at the moment. The guys on the crew know what they are going to get before we start each job. They also know that if they hurry up and do a shitty job, they are going back to fix it on their dime, NOT mine!

Now, there is a possibility that doing this in some states may be illegal?. I have done the math many times and the guys always average a lot higher wage than minimum, so what does it matter?

The other side of this is that they (employee) can actually earn a LOT more than minimum wage if they bust their a$$. If you pay by the job, EVERYONE has incentive to get busy! They earn higher wages and you get more productivity without spending any more $$. If you don't do this, IMHO, you are crazy!


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it should cost you about 20% to do a JOB....
there are several models to follow using this method.
Most of the time. a finders fee is 20%.

Also an OLD TRICK IS. to get the jobs then convence your comp to take the job. BUT you keep 20%. this way there busy Working for you, and they dont have time to go get new customers....

with the tax rate the way it is, It's HARD to keep a handle on things. I have herd of guys giving there work away for free, HOWEVER they didn't kno they were working for free...

YOUR taxed at 51 to 53% RIGHT NOW.... Most of the public doesn't even know this...
then is you pay out 20%, you will make 30%.
YES this is all..

with this you will need to keep an eye on items like insurance and such.
you NEVER WANT TO REPAIR hand held equipment. it's NOT a deduction. and it's too costly. we dont even replace air filters in ours.

KEEP AN EYE ON what is a deduction and what is NOT..

I have herd of guys trying to give a discount if a customer turns them on to a neabor or somethig like this. SIMPLY DONT DO IT....

If you try to give away 10 to 20% this means your now working for 20 to 10%.
most people cant live on this.
and I would bed you cant.