Is it hard to drum up business for skid steer work?


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Duluth, MN
Before I buy a contractor sized dump truck, and a skid steer. I'm trying to figure out if I'll be able to find enough work for the skid steer. I was figuring on advertising in the yellow pages, and also in local periodical papers. Before I buy the equipment to do this, I'd like to know that I'd eventually be able to run the skid a minimum of 5-10 hours a week. That seems like a reasonable expectation to me, but since I've never run done this kind of work before, I don't know what to expect. I live in a big town (well over a million people).<br>I don't even know what kind of tasks are most commonly done with skids these days (ie. construction clean-up, brush removal, prepping lawns for sod, etc.)<br>Hate to ask so many questions, but it's a big investment.<p>Victor


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Common tasks for a bobcat are cleanups,trenching,ground prep for turf laying,sand ups,ect.Sand ups are house pad<br>prep before laying slab.Don't try sand ups<br>until you've done a few hours.Over here a <br>decent bobcat guy will work 70-80 hours<br>per week and still turn away work.A friend<br>of mine turns over $20k (AUD) or about $15k<br>USD per month with his. Bobcats usually don't<br>do scrub clearing,leave that to slashers,<br>excavators and drotts.<p>Karl<br>

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