Is it important for designers to have flexibility in adjusting beam spread?

Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by INTEGRA Bespoke Lighting, Dec 9, 2012.

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    Is it important for designers to have more flexibility in adjusting beam spread and brightness - after installation?

    Yes, Absolutely! I have yet to find a landscape that doesn't grow, change, or get altered in some way. And this is why I made the decision to pursue and then develop LED lamps. By using quality LED lamps you are able to rely upon all of the tried and true fixtures that you have grown to know and trust AND have the peace of mind that you can offer the client a truly dynamic lighting system. One that can be updated, changed and improved as the landscape changes.

    Only recently have integrated LED fixtures been introduced that offer the ability to change optics in the field, which is great, but from my understanding can still be a relatively expensive option. Simply by stocking a variety of beam spreads and intensities of LED lamps and you have this issue licked.

    Also, there is still one really big issue that I cannot get past when considering using integrated LED fixtures. The issue of colour temperatures. If you do choose to go with integrated LED fixtures, you end up beholden to one line of product (unless of course you don't mind subtle differences in colour temperatures between fixture types - something that I find so very unappealing). I have yet to find any one manufacturer that makes the perfect fixture for every application, so I rely on a variety of manufacturers on every job. Similarly there are not two different manufacturers who produce LED fixtures that have the exact same CCT on their LED products. (The avg. eye can see about 200 Deg K. difference and I think I am in tune with about 100 Deg. K.) So if you go this route and use products from different manu's, even if they are all 'warm white' you end up with a mish-mash of colours on the same job. = Horrible.

    By using LED lamps (arguably from the same Lamp manu) you avoid all of these issues!

    Light on!
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    Thanks for posting this question.

    A couple comments:
    1. Replacement LED lenses are very inexpensive, a lot cheaper than separate lamps.
    2. Fixtures or modules that have switchable or dimmable brightness give you options that don't require lamp replacement.
    Let's focus this thread on what designers want and need, rather than sponsor promotions (myself included).

    Lighting designers are artists who paint with light. Tell us whether or not you need flexibility from your tools - what kind of flexibility, and how much? Also, do you need this flexibility after installation?
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    Yes, I agree... I think of myself as an artist when it comes to lighting system design and I not only need but demand the highest degree of component quality, flexibility, and service-ability. Both at the time of installation and until the end of life of the component in question.

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