is it just me or does your permagreen triumph spread like crap?

Discussion in 'Fertilizer Application' started by georgialawn88, Aug 7, 2014.

  1. georgialawn88

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    I had to use the push spreader the majority of this year due to the triumph spreading like crap. uneven application badly and the hopper wouldn't get rid of all the fertilizer it would hold 15 or 20 lbs at a time. Has anyone else had this issue with this pg? Are any of the other ride ons better? thanks
  2. twomancrew

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    IDK, I don't have one. I did shuck out $400 for a new 80# Spyker this year and it is my first "good" spreader. Well the dang thing is so touchy I can't barely get it to spread the way I think it should. It has this fine adjust on the gate that should make it spread even. Should. I'll leave it at that.
  3. RigglePLC

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    My old Permagreen Ultra spread fertilizer just fine. Usually. I used a screen with smaller hoses--about 1/2 inch.
    The Triumph hopper is somewhat flat-bottomed, right?
    Maybe your fertilizer is absorbing too much moisture from the humidity. Sticky fert or a high level of urea in hot humid weather could be a problem. Looks like about 72 degrees dew point. Sweaty weather. Can you switch to a free flowing fert with a higher level of poly-coated fert?

    Do you have a good screen to filter out the lumps?
    Have you tried waxing the inside of the hopper with car wax, (an idea I learned here 4 years ago).

    Do you have pictures? The remainder fert? The uneven pattern on the lawn?
  4. twomancrew

    twomancrew LawnSite Senior Member
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    When I was first running my spyker I did half rate for a criss-cross app. At first it flung left, then center, then right, then it was ok for a few passes, then I had to tweek, then I determined it wasn't going to spread consistent all day and I would just have to poke around with it all the time.

    I did 2 apps at home on an acre 2 weeks apart in the spring at half rate each time. It really isn't visible in the lawn but I wanted to be able to get it down to one rip across a lawn and on to the next and it aint going to work that way. Last app I melted it with water and sprayed my 46-0-0 with some sugar. It's about gone now with all the rain this year.
  5. jbturf

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    The hopper design on the triumph is terrible. And it is frustrsting that u must put 70 lbs in when u only need to spread 50 lbs of product.

    However i find the spread pattern excellent. Couple things to check on
    - make sure all three hopper holes are clean and dry
    -make sure impeller is scraped and clean and dry
    -make sure the agitator is working

    humid weather negatively effects all spreaders, not just the triumph. When humid you need to keep the hopper clean more often to operate properly.

    Follow riggles tips as well, and make sure ur impeller fins are in good shape and not worn out
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  6. RigglePLC

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    Excellent point on the Permagreen Triumph poor hopper design, JB.
    Has anyone successfully modified the hopper with sheet plastic to make the hopper steep and more cone-shaped?
    Some sheets of clear plastic and glue gun should do it--if you are creative and have a few hours to spare.
    If you are like me--you would probably cut up an old 2.5 gal jug and use Duct tape. LOL.
  7. xtreem3d

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    It works for NASCAR :laugh:
  8. DA Quality Lawn & YS

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    2nd on keeping the hopper clean and not letting fert sit in there. When it is humid that fert gets mighty gooey and gums things up all to heck.
  9. americanlawn

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    from midwest
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    I have only "driven" one. (never spread with it). All I can truthfully say is both local guys returned the machine within the warrantee experation date. I have never seen a Triumph in actual use in my market.

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