Is it low balling or is it smart?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by DFW Area Landscaper, Jul 27, 2004.

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    I found it on my county website, thanks for the help.
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    That's great to know. I wish them the best of luck.
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    I'm thinking about marketing the same way next year. There is good money in mow and blow accounts. But it is also another reason I am concentrating more on commercial work.
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    This is an interesting thread, im still reading it, but dont want to lose it... Well, you could do a crap ton of $20 residentals, and make some big bucks...
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    Yeah you could.
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    lots of those adverts around my house too. Different companies, but same idea using a flat rate for all yards. I am more of a salesman than that and i like to sell my services for what i can get from the client. I my have neighbors in the same neighborhood who have same sized lots that pay different prices. They both get my quality and my friendly service, one just didnt drive a hard enough bargain form the starting line. I dont lose any clients to these lowballers, but i do take a lot from them due to the quality they put out. i wouldnt want 2000 clients at $20 when i can have 200 at $45 and work less hours.
    Im not in this industry to be a wealthy man
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    we do it here as well we bomb my area all the time not for those rates i must say but we will price an area and get a few then in a week do it again in another business name and we do this about 5 times and see what we turn .
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    Same here. What a headache that would be to have 2000 customers!. A certain amount of them will be complainers and a certain amount will be dead beats.
    Then you have all that increased maintenance--new blades, sharpening blades, oil changes replacing worn out equipment and parts etc. Employees not taking care of your equipment. The constant hiring and firing of employees.
    Finding good managers, who couldn't make twice as much as you are paying them on their own, would be difficult.
    The employee problems in a seasonal hard labor business. The quality problems.
    I wouldn't mind having a big company in a different field. But Lawn care is nothing like a Walmart. Even Walmart has gone up on its prices lately.
    What is going to happen when you and everybody else is lowballing?. You are $20. So they drop their rates to $15. So you drop your rates to $10.....:rolleyes::hammerhead:. Won't be lowballing anymore. Just will be the normal going rate and you won't be unique.
    Price wars hurt everybody sooner or later
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    Just finished reading the whole thread :dizzy:

    Some great info from both sides, great thread so I had to revive it :clapping:

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