is it me, or are weeds going crazy this year?

Discussion in 'Florida Lawn Care Forum' started by Florida Gardener, Jul 24, 2014.

  1. No joke, I will spray an entire driveway one week and it needs to be sprayed again the following week. We have had mucho rain this summer, but I don't ever remember it being this bad...thank God we are more than halfway done with summer.
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  2. Dr. Cornwallis

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    I've noticed the same thing. I'm doing a ton of spraying. Beds and driveways that I didn't have to weed or spray for weeks are having to get weeded or sprayed every week now.
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  3. Greg78

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    Same here, is killing my time on properties this year!!
  4. keeping going

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    This is an article written by Irelene Greensward of Marco Island for the Marco Eagle newspaper. Her husband and herself run a business on the island and she also writes articles for the above newspaper.
    A very knowledgeable and nice lady.
    I keep a copy of this on file to email to those customers who pay a flying visit to their Florida homes from up north and are surprised with summer growth of everything, and honestly believe we have not attended their property for the last month,
    " because it doesn't grow like this up north".

    It certainly appears to help with customer retention in those cases and allows me not to be overly " defensive"
    As it is written by a third party.
    The summer rainy season got off to a slow start with an unusually dry June and July. We were all hoping for rain and we got what we wished for! The last several weeks of rain has caused a flush of growth in the garden that will continue through September and possibly into October.

    During the summer months we can have 20 inches of rain in the blink of an eye. With this in mind, the realities of lawn maintenance during the summer months in South Florida can be quite harsh. Within two weeks an entire yard can look like it's been neglected for months. Remember Marco Island is in the sub-tropics.

    Given enough rain grass can easily grow three to six inches in a week. The saying, you can sit and watch the grass grow, is really true here during the summer months. In "season," October through April, it can take a month to see that much growth. Now consider you couldn't cut the grass on time due to rain. It grows another two to three inches. When you do finally cut the grass it is very lush, wet and hard to cut. It takes you twice as long because you may have to cut areas twice. This leaves little time for other things like pruning or weed control. But you have to make time because these tasks will quickly get out of control if you don't.

    Weeds take on a life of their own in the summer. You look around and have killed or pulled all the weeds and the gardens are virtually weed free. More of those rain storms go through and another crop of weeds has germinated. You decide to spray again when you mow this week but another rain storm washes the herbicide away just after you complete the job. There's a good chance the weeds won't die.

    Another week goes by and while some of the weeds died from your efforts last week some have survived. These weeds are now a foot high and producing seeds for the next crop of weeds. They are monsters that look like they have been growing in the garden for a year. More than likely more rain has fallen and has begun to germinate that new crop of weeds as well as fueling the growth of the last crop you're still trying to kill. It is almost a losing battle to keep gardens weed free in the summer.

    Ornamental shrubs grow at astronomical rates this time of year. One of the reasons for this is that we plant shrubs and small trees meant to be ten to twenty feet tall at maturity and try to keep them pruned into tiny, square hedges around our houses. Once again you can have a foot of new growth in a week with enough rain. That kind of growth takes a month or two in season and can take a year in the northern states.

    Pruning is a constant job this time of year or you'll find your shrubs kissing the eaves of your house. That is also the reason this is the best time of year to cut back those shrubs which have become leggy and woody. They will grow back so fast you will be pruning them again within a week or two. Remember mid-October is the cut off date for severe pruning.

    If you maintain your own yard, you know the realities of the above mentioned. Imagine having fifty or one hundred lawns to maintain each week. That is the reality for people in the lawn maintenance business. The growing season is slow when most residents are in town and so it seems that the job is an easy one and the company doesn't spend much time or effort in your yard. But should you decide to come to Marco Island in July, August or September you might be quick to think the landscaper is slacking off while you're not here. He is actually working five times harder and doing his best to keep your landscape neat and trim. At times it's a near impossible task and only the strong will survive in this business.

    So have a little compassion and give us a break and maybe an ice, cold drink when we arrive to battle the jungle in your corner of the island. We will prevail and those weeds will die, the plants will get cut back and your yard will be the perfect place you desire just in time for season to arrive again.
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  5. Ric

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    The Addition of a Pre emergent to your Roundup spray can more than pay for it's self in time. If you aren't the kind to mix chemicals, then buy Roundup Extend which already has a Pre Emergent.

    90 % of you weed spraying will be in the same spot. By using a Pre Emergent you cut frequency of sprays. It won't work every where, but it will cut your spray time.

  6. Greg78

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    Ric which pre-emergent would you recommend for mixing with Glyphosate?
  7. Ric

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    I believe you will have to experiment to see which one works best for you. But start with the Known goodies Like Barricade. I use Imazapic the same as Roundup Extend uses. But if you don't want the hassle of mixing and Messing up, Buy Roundup extend. Roundup Extend also has a splash of Diquat for quick knock down. This is a case of spending money to save money/time.

  8. Greg78

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    Thanks for the recommendations Ric.
  9. fl-landscapes

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    Seems to be the worst year for me too. Weeds are brutal this year in beds and drives like you said.
  10. Keith

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    Perfect storm for weeds for sure.

    Side note. I'm afraid doveweed is going to take over everything within a few years. I rarely saw this stuff five years ago.

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