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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by harperservices, Mar 21, 2002.

  1. harperservices

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    Just quoted a client on a 1650 sq ft mulch job (17 yds of mulch will be used).

    1. Re-define and mulch 53 shrubs with shredded hardwood mulch 3ft dia.

    2. Re-define and mulch 41 trees with shredded hardwood mulch 4ft dia.

    3. Re-define and mulch (2) flowerbeds with shredded hardwood mulch. Roto-tiller and de-weed flowerbeds. Fertilize flowerbeds

    Total approx. square footage to be mulched 1650 sq ft.

    total price quoted $1,115.00. Includes all materials, equipment, labor, and delivery.

    Client stated "I really would like you to do the job but... I feel that $1,115.00 is a bit steep. If I have to, I think I could find this cheaper."

    Deep down I would like him to take this job and do it himself. But if my figures are off, then I need to re-evaluate them.

    My rate =$25.00 per man/equipment. 15% mark-up on materials I will be hiring some laborers (if I can find them) to shovel and spread the mulch at $8-$10 hr, while I shape the beds, shrub and tree mounds.

    Constructive criticism is welcomed. (this is one method of learning).

    If I am on point, please advise and I would be more than happy to let him do the job while I bid on just maintaining his law.

    O, I almost forgot, I quoted a spring clean-up job at $930 for this client. He wants that and this mulch job for around $1500
  2. Lawn-Scapes

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    Does redefine mean edge?

    I come up with $1020 just to apply mulch

    What part of MD?
  3. AL Inc

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    Harper- your prices don't seem to be far off, considering the extra defining, weeding, fertilizing, etc. Of course this customer thinks it seems high, he has no idea what it takes to perform this job! And neither do most people. But I've found people feel that it's expected that our prices are negotiable. Stick to your guns on the price, and if he feels he can get a better price, let him. I always say that if I'm not going to make money, I'd rather lay on my couch and watch TV, not work. Just my opinion. Mike
  4. TLS

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    I'm not into mulching to much, but this looks like a $1500 job for me. Especially with Roto-tilling! May want to also rent a bed edger, thats a lot of spading. Your looking at almost $500 in materials, and how much to rent a roto-tiller and bed edger. How many man hours are you figuring?
  5. landscaper3

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    1650 sqft mulch! We rounded our mulch calculator to 1664sqft at 2'' depth 10.27 yards are needed round off to 11 yards. At 1664sqft at 3" depth you will need 15.41 yards rounded off to 16 yards. At a total cost of $51.00 per yard includes labor. We get bagged mulch approx 100 yards and 180 yards of bulk but we sell them for the same costs if we are to install them, the bulk we use when we can get the skidsteer in there and bagged on other areas. Our qoute for mulch installed 1664sqft would be at a 3" depth at $816.00 we spread well over 250plus yards a season that doesnt include the bulk and bagged retail service we provide. Depending on your area but you would be high in our state! I can email you the mulch calculator, I can tell you it is accurate and can save you from OVER BIDDING and under bidding.
  6. Lawn-Scapes

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    His price includes weeding, redefining and tilling..

    & fert too....
  7. plow kid

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    LOL I have 17 yards mulch installed on my price list from 1-20yards. $1021.00 installed. $606 for mulch, $75 for delivery, and $20.00 a yard to install or $340.00 As for define, if that means to edge beds I came up with 514 linear feet of edging for the 4' tree rings, and 499 linear feet of edging for the 3' rings. I charge $0.15 a linear foot with the bed edger or roughly $151.95 to edge all the tree rings. for the flowerbed, just to get the mantis out I want atleast $50.00 for that.

    equals $1222.95
    plus tax $76.43
    $1299.38 out the door $1300

    (on Edit: my cost for materials would be $382.50)
  8. landscaper3

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    I was really only estimating mulch, Hard to estimate weeding tilling ect unseen!!!! But on plow kids estimate minus the mulch is real accurate only saying that for mulch sells and installs for different rates state to state! We got Red ceder our cost at $16yard Dark hemlock at $14yard light hemlock at 13yard and ligh blend at 11.55 yard. So it also depends on type of mulch if it was red ceder the estimate would be higher!
  9. TLS

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    $18 -$25 cu/yd of Double ground hardwood bark mulch picked up. Delivery depends on quantity and location.

    Is Cedar the red stuff? Thats even more!

    This should probably be in the Landscaping section.
  10. plow kid

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    HOLEY SCHITT! $16 a yard for Cedar!!!!!!! I am paying almost 3 times that and it is a blend of red cedar and chipped pallets, our economy mulches our cost is around $10-$15 and we do bulk deliveries for twice the price around $25-27.50 and the dyed and chipped pallets are fixed @ $41.00 a yard our cost $29.85 a yard.~NaTe

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