Is it ok to cry in front of a customer?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by LawnMower, Jan 2, 2004.

  1. LawnMower

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    Sorry I was in a silly mood and thought it would be hilarious to ask this question.

    I mean, im sure there would never be a reason to to cry in front of a customer. For example if the she told you, that the work was not done to satisfaction, and you break down in tears. Or if they said your mowers and truck look ugly, and you start crying.

    For some reason, that scenario would be hilarious to me.

    Ok im done.
  2. Green Finger

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    Lets Say you forget to put your parking break on the truck and for some freaky reason your truck, trailer, and All your equipment just rolls off the cliff and explodes.

    And when you get home you fine that your insurance company is no longer in business. I might consider, but other than that nope!

    Be a man son(LOL):cry:
  3. pcnservices

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    You're gonna have to get a firetruck to come and hose me down if this happens to me. I will have dumped myself in piles of s... (you know what I mean)

  4. snowmizer

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    lawn mower,
    you had me in tears reading your thread you posted.would be funny to do though, like some candid camera thing
  5. JimLewis

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    Hey, if it helps land you the job, go for it!

    Customer, "I'm sorry. I am just so confused. My husband used to handle all the yard care before the cancer got to"

    You, "Oh my gosh. My sister died of cancer just last month! Oh, it was sob........Ok. So back to your landscape!..."

  6. TreffertLawnWrx

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    If my customers said "well so-n-so said they would do it for $30" I would cry laughing! :D:D
  7. lawnman_scott

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    Well i did once, when i told her we were there early because i was going out of town for my moms funeral. but on the lighter side, i also did swear alot at that lawn when i somehow went over the seawall into tampabay. I really dont know how, but at least it was just me, and not the mower.
  8. mower_babe

    mower_babe LawnSite Senior Member
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    No, only girls cry.:cry: :blob1: :blob1:
  9. Navig8r

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  10. Jusmowin

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    How about if your log spliters motor blows up and you have till friday to split 10 cords of firewood.......and yes I did cry so what!

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