Is it possible to install a heated cab on an older skidsteer.

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by CK82, Apr 9, 2007.

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    I am looking at two Bobcat 763's right now, one is a 2002 for $12500, I am assuming it has at least 2000hrs, and the other is I think a 2000 or something near that with only 944hrs for $12,000. My questions are, first off is the 763 a solid machine? Second and most importantly can a heated cab be installed for this machine? I want to plow snow with it and have heard almost unbearable sometimes when plowing snow. (Well at least much less comfortable anyways)
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    If you want a machine with a cab/heat, buy one already with it. You can add on a cab with heat, but it's PIA, and the visibility and overall engineering isn't as good as a factory cab. We put one on our Case 1845C for plowing snow. It works, but sucks in the summer with no A/C. If you open the windows it's still hot, but it will get real dusty. We don't use that to much anymore, just mainly for plowing and pavement work. The cab install wasn't too bad, but plumbing the heater takes some time.

    I would save yourself the trouble and go with a factory cab with heat and A/C.
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    What Dozerman said.........
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    If the machines are G-Series Bobcats (They would have triangle shaped head lights), cab and heat is a fairly straight forward install. Talk to your local dealer, should run in the neighborhood of 1800 plus labor.

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