Is it possible to only do dry fert?

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Djk83, Sep 15, 2012.

  1. thethirstymoose

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    Granular feet. Is the best, it builds a strong root, the liquids are fast moving, but weak grass, liquid weed spray is the way to go
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  2. greendoctor

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    Yes. For the kind of applications I do, the only ride on applicator would be the equivalent of a golf green spray rig capable of applying up to 5 gallons per 1000. I have had big, multi acre grass areas to spray that were done with a boom mounted on my spray truck. Application volume with that was up to 100 gallons per acre.
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    PERCEIVED VALUE is the issue here. The customer RECEIVES VALUE from a Granular and back pack program, But do they PERCEIVE THAT VALUE???? I think Riggle brings up a very important issue that every one should pay attention.

    As business people we must be aware of our customer perception of us. TG/CL & Scotts etc are very aware of this market ploy and field a fleet of polished specialized trucks that both look professional and offer advertisement. The Customer only sees the well established Image of a Large Professional company and not Tom, Dick & Harry who are hired fresh off the street. They are PERCEIVING VALUE that they are NOT RECEIVING.

    I think there could be a whole Internet forum dedicated to just the RECEIVED/PERCEIVED VALUE issue.

    This can work in reverse. I am talking the Mow & Go type service where people think they are getting over on the Lawn Boy who is laughing all the way to the bank. But once again we are Talking PERCEIVED VALUE.

    BTW I am the first one to tell a new person to let your customers determine your equipment needs. Too many buy will by the big skid sprayer just to say they have one.
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    Pretty much what I shoot for is 2 gal / K or 100 per AC and would like to go higher

    riders do not offer that and some products demand it.
  5. Skipster

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    Something doesn't sound quite right here. 2 gal/M (it's M b/c M is the roman numeral for 1000. K is the chemical symbol for potassium) is 87.2 gal/Acre, not 100 gal/Acre. If you're shooting for 2 gal/M, you're not going to hit 100 gal/A.
  6. Skipster

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    Relevant to Ric's post (and others on this thread), since there is no difference between liquid and dry ferts (N is N and still has to be dissolved in water before it can be used, so it doesn't matter if you apply it wet or dry), your customers' needs and the nature of your book of business will determine your equipment needs.

    The big guys out there usually use liquid fert only when they need to apply pre-emerge products, since you can't customize your PRE rate independent of the fert rate with dry products. Outside of PRE windows, I see them use dry ferts.

    So, back to the OP's question, can you develop and implement a granular only fert program? Yes! Several big name companies over the years (Barefoot Lawns, for example) made a lot of money and had high quality lawns with granular only programs. You can easily do fert and PRE on a granule. POST products, though, usually aren't available or effective on granules, though.
  7. buckhigh

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    All of my properties are serviced with granular. A JDL 6-step program. I'm not ashamed nor see it as being UNPROFESSIONAL. I'll put my properties up against any of the big boys that spray liquid, and guarantee mine look better. I just don't see why you keep saying granular looks unprofessional in the customers mind? For what reason?
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  8. RigglePLC

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    I agree that granular fertilizer is better for turfgrass treatments in most situations. Particularly if you include a generous portion of slow release nitrogen. I have used a lot.

    But I think a skid sprayer is better suited for weed control applications--particularly on large lawns. Over 8000 sqft. I think liquid herbicide application is superior in effectiveness compared to dry granule weed control, as most homeowers apply.
    Except new "Lockup" herbicide may be far superior to conventional weed and feed products.
    Of course, if you use granular weed and feed, but apply it more often than the liquid program, (and time it better), the results might be about equal. Suppose you applied weed and feed granular four times per year.

    True, I hesitated to use a small spreader because it was lighter in weight, and looked similar to homeowner models. I wanted a big green one --even tho it weighed more--because that is what the big company used.
  9. CL&T

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    Probably because they think the homeowner will think "I could have done that myself". So use a big honkin spreader and a product that doesn't look like a bag of Scotts from Home Depot. I like Lesco because it says PROFESSIONAL on the bag.:drinkup:
  10. cpllawncare

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    I had a customer that went to JDL and bought a bag of lesco "Professional" seed, got home looked up the ingredients and compared it to a bag of scotts SAME EXACT THING he showed me the labels of both products, he has a perfect looking lawn and won't let anyone other than him fertilize or apply any weed control to it, he says "Just cut it" I'll do the rest. Sure can't argue with his results. BTW He only uses Granular products.

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