Is it possible to stop the water to my irrigation system for years?

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by mazchazo, Jun 21, 2011.

  1. mazchazo

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    I dealed with too many lawn problems, weeds growing everywhere. 2 months ago, my yard was half-filled with crabgrass, which I killed. I have this St. Augustine grass which I kept growing healthy now, but with this drought problem in the area and the extremely dry weather, I was thinking to let my grass die, let the weeds in and don't do ANY more work on the lawns. I am tired of wasting my time and energy to get a good lawn, which will never happen any time soon.

    When we first moved in, we poked a hole in one of the irrigation system pipes and left it alone for 2 years. The backyard irrigation system was working but 2 days ago, I hit one of the the sprinkler heads and I thought I made a hole in it. I looked at it, the sprinkler head was fine, but when I turned it on, water was dripping from under it. I guess when I moved the head, it broke the bottom or the elbow pipe that came to the head. I looked at it, it looked fine, but water gapes out of it a bit when I turn the system on. I thought maybe I can replace the elbow, I tried taking out the elbow out of the pipe, but the elbow didn't come out and I didn't pull harder because I thought I might brake it. If I brake it, water will run without stopping, the irrigation systems have water in them already. I just left it alone and I am tired of these sorts of problems.

    My water bill increased by 20 dollars a month because of no rain for about 5 months and I had to water the lawn and this drought is driving everyone crazy. My folks don't know anything about lawns or irrigation, and don't care about it either. They said if we can turn off this irrigation system for good.

    My only question is, if I let the lawns die out, and turn off the irrigation system valves for good, and I were to sell this house, would the price be effected by too much, or will this cause any type of problem or devalue my land?


    The front yard looks uglier than ever, but I used round up to kill the weeds that make me mow more, so I don't mow. I have no grass growing except wild bermuda grass, the St. Augustine is almost dried out. The only grass I have is wild bermuda that came out of no where. It looks ugly, but I don't really mow anymore, and I kill the weeds that make me mow.

    Where is the irrigation system valve located anyway? The side of the house has 2 of these pipe things with a T handle. There is this underground box thing too, I believe the water meter is there though.
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  2. Hineline

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    Don't even know where to start but it doesn't sound like the irrigation system would be too difficult to fix. As far as the lawn......???????
    The fitting that you said you couldn't pull off needs to be cut off and a new elbow pushed and turned on. The hole in the pipe can easily be fixed by digging it up and cutting a fitting in to repair. Try google for tips on how to fix.
  3. nepatsfan

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    WOW x2....rounding up the lawn so you don't have to mow it..LOL. By the sound of it the lawn and irrigation will be the least of your problems when selling the house.
  4. mazchazo

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    Really? So i can sell this house with the crappiest lawn in the world? lol

    I know how to fix the broken pipe irrigation system, the problem is I don't want to becuase we don't care. However, for the sprinklear head problem, I thought I knew what to do, but I can't tell if the elbow needs a replacement, the head, or both. If you move a sprinkler head, do you know what breaks? People told me the elbow was in there crappily, there should be 4 swing elbows in a bridge formation, so the head can move freely without breaking.
  5. mazchazo

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    idk if the water is coming from under the head, or the elbow, how can I tell? I looked at it and they both seem to be in perfect condition. Maybe I need to add something like a special paste or something, idk.
  6. nepatsfan

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    This is why I think the lawn and irrigation system will be the least of your problems...I could be wrong though, wouldn't be the first time
  7. kennc38

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    Having a nice lawn might be a good selling feature, but it shouldn't affect the value of your house. I've had several home appraisals done and the quality of the the lawn was never taken into account.
  8. GreenI.A.

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    what state/climate are you in? If you are set on turning the system off for years then I would have an irrigation company comeout and repair the head and pipe, so that you know it is in working condition. If you are in a climate that freezes in the winter, I would have the irrigation company winterize your system and shut it down for you, this way there is no water in the lines and there will be no chance of a freeze causing damage.
  9. RigglePLC

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    Above is good advice. But yes, as you suspect, no grass reduces the value of a house. May I suggest a smaller yard, tiny, with irrigation. Bermuda, (high quality seed if possible). Buffalo grass is also a good choice for hot dry areas. Xeriscape certain areas with rocks and stone to reduce mowing and water cost. Shut off and freeze protect the rest of the zones. Allow the rest to go wild--but add a few desireable plants and get rid of any undesireable brush.
    What part of Texas?
  10. mazchazo

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    I am near houston, south-eastern Tx. No sign of cold winter temps, but last winter we had temps down to 25 degrees.

    Maybe I am exagerating that the head is broken. I hit it hard and scratched it, figured I broke it.

    Is it normal for water to drip out a bit from the head? I made a hole around the head. The hole was about 8 inches in diameter and a foot deep, which was where the elbow was. When I left on the sprinkler on for 5 minutes, it would be almost half-way full.

    I filled the hole back in, left it for 5 minutes, I didn't see any water seeping up, but I found there was water around the head in the dirt, because i moved it around to see.

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