Is it possible to stop the water to my irrigation system for years?

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by mazchazo, Jun 21, 2011.

  1. Dr.NewEarth

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    Is there a screw in the middle of the head? If there is, close off that head by turning the screw. See if that helps with a diagnosis
  2. Kiril

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    I'm confused. Why are you trying to fix an irrigation system you want to turn off? Find the isolation valve to the system and turn it off.
  3. mazchazo

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    I figured its better if I fix it first.

    Oh I think I found the problem. it looks like the water comes out as i bend the pipe up and down. Will plumber's plastic thread sealing tape do the job?
  4. Kiril

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    No, it won't. You need to expose the entire sprinkler to the PVC fitting and check the riser/swing joint/funny pipe ..... whatever is connecting the sprinkler to the PVC. That connection is either broken or lose at the fitting or at the base of the sprinkler.
  5. mazchazo

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    I took off the sprinkler head and the elbow connection looks alright. I figured that I just need to use something to prevent the leak. I screwed it back in as tight as I can and I still see a bit of water going through.

    I did move the sprinkler head quite a bit though. I don't know why people say don't move it at all, are they really that sensitive? I thought mine is okay because the pipe isn't like going to break if i bend it just a bit.

    Also I forgot to say a bit of water seeps from the top of the nozzle a bit when it is on.

    I watched this video.

    It looked useful and I was thinking if I could make that elbow swing thing. He used 4 elbow, I was wondering if this is what he used.

    However, his connection pipe was a female, but mine is a male. The funny pipe that is on my connection right now, is exactly this one. It won't matter will it?

    I know this is stupid, but I never had the experience before, but if you move the sprinkler head, which people say not to, what tends to break, the sprinkler or the elbow?

    I looked at the bottom of the sprinkler, the female connection looked like no damage done. I also looked at the elbow, the male funny pipe, I provided with a link above, it looks good as well. This is why I don't understand why water still seeps through. Perhaps maybe I THOUGHT water is coming from the elbow, but it's actually water leaking from the top of the nozzle going down? But I believe a bit of water came from the elbow to sprinkler head connection.
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  6. GreenCloverlawnCare  LLC

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    If you don't care about your lawn then turn off the water supply like someone recommended earlier...If your lawn looks like **** and someone still offers to buy your house then they will automatically assume you took an equal interest in your irrigation system...In fact, over the next few years you will probably drive over and destroy numerous heads with your mower anyway...So, the effort you are currently making is for naught. Just straight up talk disrespect.
  7. mazchazo

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    I want to make this repair before I turn it off, so it is in working condition

    Edit: I think I found a white piece of plastic that is a half an inch in diameter and looks like it goes into something. It must have popped up yesterday without me not knowing it. Would you know where this goes? It has a male connection on the base
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  8. Hineline

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    This repair sounds so easy. At the worst you have to replace the head. Anyway you can borrow a camera and get a pic of the head and the leak?
  9. RigglePLC

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    A small leak or water dripping down the head is no problem. The gasket around the pop-up stem frequently leaks a bit.
  10. mazchazo

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    It's dark now, so I can't really run any test right now, but tomorrow morning I am going to run it for 10 minutes and see if it gives off too much leakage. The leakage isn't too bad, but I believe the water is coming from the head of the sprinkler. I took apart the head and body and cleaned them all out and I used plastic threading tape for the head and the connection of the base of the sprinkler to the funny pipe. It seemed okay when I tested it. I think it's going to be fine.

    For now, I need to find the valve or find out where I need to shut off the water. I THOUGHT I found the valve box, and I looked inside, but it was the water meter box and somehow there is no box for the valves, which is pretty weird. I found this pump with 2 T handles. I thought it might be for the gas line, so i did not touch it. But if there is no valves of the sprinklers, where can the valves be located? is it possible that they put the valves underground in the dirt? I looked everywhere in the backyard, sides of the house and I found no valve box, but a water meter box.

    I will also get a picture of the white piece of plastic I found tomorrow. I will take a picture of the sprinkler itself and make a diagram of where I see water and I will take a picture of it while it is on.
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