Is it really that complicated?

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by eruuska, Oct 18, 2006.

  1. eruuska

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    How difficult are the concepts of "per man hour" and "square feet" to understand? I've seen several threads lately where people in this business are truly clueless as to these things.

    How can you stay in business if you don't understand this stuff? :hammerhead: Square footage is simple math, and the Per Man Hour business is even simpler. Why is it surprising that if one guy charges $60 per hour that 2 guys would charge $120?

    Normally, this stuff doesn't bug me until I've had a few, but tonight it's started halfway through my first Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. :drinkup: Not a good sign.
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    well, people ask some questions that we might consider elementary but this site is for people to learn and get a better understanding of business. so i guess it comes with the territory. These are not the only two questions i look at and say;) , however.

    TURFLORD LawnSite Senior Member
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    It's not the questions, but some of the answers that I find fascinating.;)
  4. Runner

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    Well, I think what really complicates it for many, is the concept of "know your costs". For many people, they don't know their true costs, because they don't know how to figure everything in. Many just don't realize just how much it costs to run a business, because they don't pay many of their expenses. As long as thye gross some cash, and stuff it in their pocket, they're good to go. Most people who are "in this business" don't really have a business...they just have a job - cutting grass.
  5. dwlah

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    I like Precision's tag line about this:

    If you don't know your costs, you can't bid right. If you don't bid right, you can't make money, If you can't make money, become a Wal-mart greeter.

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