Is it the cost for fert + service????

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by jcr_17, May 8, 2004.

  1. jcr_17

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    I have read a few threads indicating the price you charge for fertilizing. Are these prices related to the actual service or the service plus the initial cost of the fertilizer?
  2. vegomatic40

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    I'm not sure how others do it but I charge in order to make a specific margin based on the number of treatments in the service agreement, treatments desired, products used, fuel, insurance etc.etc. the list is almost endless. For example, the first treatment of the year includes broadleaf weed control, fertilizers and preemergent crabgrass control. Since crabgrass control is relatively expensive, I am forced to divide the costs by the number of treatments to produce the desired profit margin. If a customer only wants that particular application, they pay much more than a "full program customer" in order to offset costs. They will also pay less per 1000 sq ft if their property is larger since I am doing more volume per stop. Just like almost any product or service buying in bulk is cheaper.
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    The cost of the fertilizer is one of many expenses that your company needs to cover for, Most lawn spray companies sell their service, not the materials. and price it according to the customers sqft of turf. My budget is based on how much sq ft I can do or sell in a season

    It seems in the mowing world its oppsite, they sell their time as in so much $$ per hour and they need to have a good handle on what they can do in a certain lenght of time.

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