" Is it the same price next year?"

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Tyner Lawn Service, Dec 15, 2005.

  1. Tyner Lawn Service

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    How many times at the end of the year do customers say they will see you next year and ask if it's going to be the same price as if they are going to quit right there if not? For the most part I get along with them. The other day a lady called me to clean out her gutters,it's the only thing she uses me for and after fighting a tough job she runs out with a check for what I have charged her for 10 years($35) I was going to bill her $45 as I told her on the phone. She says she has the same amount of gutters as before! DUH!! I have had mowing customers say the same thing when you raise their price alittle that they have the same size lawn each year and trying to explain that my living expenses are more goes right over their head. Do you have these people out there??
  2. greengiant9963

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    Have ran into this at least a couple times during this year. I have noticed also if I have to raise the price a little do to cost of living and gas prices most of my customers understand. The average income families hardly ever complain but 9 times out of 10 the ones with the most money act like it is a natural disaster raising the price a little. Not in every case but for the most part.
  3. impactlandscaping

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    In a word......"no".
  4. Bengo

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    I've been told my way of thinking is off the wall, but I have never and will never raise a customers price for any particular service. I feel I owe the people a debt of gratitude who have stuck with me thru the years and got my business off the ground. Now I might charge 25% more to aerate the same sq. footage than I did 5 years ago, but whateever price I give in 2005 will be the same for that particular customer as long as we have dealings.
  5. sheshovel

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    Bengo,your loosing money.\
    Or should I say you spending money on your customers yards and gutters every year out of your own pocket.
    I hope your pocket is deep enough
    You owe no one a debt of gratitude...that is the stupidest statement I have ever heard in regards to customers on here.
    They owe you a debt of gratitude for you sticking with them for so cheap if anything!!Wake-up and smell the roses buddy your spendin more than your takin in and that's a fact.
    Now you owe me a debt of gratitude for giving you some advice that is the real deal.
  6. daveintoledo

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    so ten years down the road yo still charge the same price... no thanks....

    everyone got a price increase this year, if you dont like it , ill replace them with another customer
  7. PROCUT1

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    from TN
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    If you grow your business to include employees and REAL overhead, you'll realize that this way of thinking is impossible.....

    If you dont then make sure you let us know when your auction is
  8. Bengo

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    Thank you all for your input.....to each their own....you do it your way and I'll do it mine. My bottom line has increased between 21 & 25% in each of the last 7 years ( the 1st 4 years were slow out of the block ). That's enough for me and my family, and the families of my 7 employees ( which is all I want ). I'm extremely happy, have a passion for the work we do, and wish you all the best of luck and a great holiday season.
  9. milo

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    i have had alot of people for 7 years and have not raised there price at all. well into next season the prices will be going up. i have found my 2nd year in my business to be my best season yet and i think that cost of living and gas prices people will understand and if they dont well then tuff..
    i have thought of it this way, if you do 4 lawns at $25.00 a cut and they should be $30.00 a cut. if you loose one by raising the price to $30.00 you are still better off cause of extra work you got to do plus time plus wear & tear on equipment and gas. so you do 3 lawns at $90.00 to 4 lawns at $100.00..
    most people at jobs get raises every year so i dont care no more. i have 60 accounts and if i loose half i dont care.:gunsfirin
  10. Roger

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    How many threads on LS are devoted to getting paid, setting prices higher, doing work only if it a customer is paying, and the like? Scan the current list of threads, not getting paid at this time of the season, overdue accounts, raisisng prices for next season, etc. Several of the above posts speak about loosing money, or not making as much as possible.

    And, another thread is currently active, "it is not about the money."

    How to reconcile these two opposing views....?

    Sure, it is all about the money. The difference is how much value is placed on compensation for work done, how benevolent one person may be over another person. We all have bills to pay, just to keep living in a society that demands utilities, vehicles, and then the necessities, food, clothing, shelter. Bengo apparently is satisfied with the income and the value received for the revenues. Others view the compensation differently, and insist on getting paid differently.

    Nobody lies on their death bed angry they didn't work harder, longer, made more money, or other such statments. We all need a minimum income. Many have a problem is separating needs from wants. One only needs to read LS for a little while to see the wide range of perspectives on the topic.

    If one intends to build great wealth, so that it can be left to offspring, keep this statistic in mind: 80% of inheritors spend all the money within the first 10 months of receiving the money.

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