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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by monroe, Jan 25, 2008.

  1. monroe

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    from La.
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    I have about 90 accounts. Am Part time. Current job I work 3 12 hour shifts. They are going to make me go to 4 tens. I Have about 20 7 day mowing rotations and the rest on 14. Average about $35 per account. A nursery wants me to do most of their landscaping. I can't do 90 accounts and landscaping working 4 ten hour shifts. Is it time to go full time?
  2. NC Greenscaper

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    Only you can decide that. Depends on how you feel about your work do you like landscaping or your other job. Will the 90 accounts and landscaping for the nursery, plus other business that those 90 accounts generate the amount of income you want to work. I'll tell you from my prospective. You have more accounts than I have and I don't have a nursery feeding me any business and I have me and 3 employees staying busy. so I don't know how you do it. Unless you are putting in some major hours. I have other things in my life that require time also. My family, my church, my interest, my harley, relaxation. With me it's not so much how much I can do, but how can I maximize my time to generate the most income while doing what I enjoy.
  3. NC Greenscaper

    NC Greenscaper LawnSite Senior Member
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    Oh welcome to the site.
  4. WJW Lawn

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    I was thinking the same thing as NC...are you solo?? Or better yet...are you MARRIED? lol seems like you have enough accounts to focus on your business in a full-time manner. Welcome to the site also!
  5. Hoots

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    I think if you could convince the other 70 bi-weekly customers to go weekly, it is absolutely time.

    In Louisiana you should be able to mow every 7 days, when you go to 14 days the grass gets taller and you do run the risk of scalping depending on rain and irrigation amounts. The recommended mowing frequency is 7-10 days, just ask anyone in the green industry. However 7 days works perfectly into a schedule. Try to explain this to your bi-weekly customers and set them up on a once per week schedule, this should give you enough income to make it, especially if you are solo.

    If you are averaging $35 per cut with 90 properties = $3150/week if they all agree to it. Not too bad if you are a solo op.

    Another reason to convince the 70 bi-weekly properties to go weekly is it helps on scheduling. What if it rains? Your bi-weekly customers could go 1 month without mowing if you cannot get around to them in time.

    The nursery landscaping should be the gravy.

    I hope this helps.
  6. LawnGuy73

    LawnGuy73 LawnSite Bronze Member
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    90 accounts, even though 70 of them are bi-weekly you should be full time right now. That comes out to about $7700.00 a month.
  7. Grits

    Grits LawnSite Silver Member
    from Florida
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    Heck yeah! You are definitely ready. Do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Scagguy

    Scagguy LawnSite Bronze Member
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    I would do it. Even if you convert only 20% of your bi-weekly accounts to weekly, you should be ok assuming that you don't have a ton of debt hanging over your shoulders. Another point to consider is that if you're doing this full time you should be able to upsell some customers on other things such as areation, trimming, etc. etc. As someone else said the landscaping for the nursery is a bonus. Good luck!!!
  9. landscaper22

    landscaper22 LawnSite Senior Member
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    As the others stated, you have to weigh all of your options and make a decision. I too believe you have enough business to make it full-time. You may have a little extra free time by not working working both jobs. But you can use that time to go after more accounts. I will say that for me, there is nothing like the freedom of having your own business. The managers at your other job don't care about your needs because they will be forcing you to basically give up lawn care by changing your schedule.
    But just think about all factors like are you married? If so, does your spouse work? Does your current job have wonderful insurance and benefits? How easy will it be for you to change insurance or even buy your own policy? Just think about all of that and good luck in your decision making.
  10. coonman

    coonman LawnSite Senior Member
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    I am still trying to understand how you juggle 90 accounts and basically work full time. WOW! I realize some are biweekly but still. I would definitely go full time and try to convert those biweekly's to weekly. If you do manage to convert those, you would have to try to mow 15+ a day. That is a lot to keep up with being solo.

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