Is it too early to trim privet hedges?

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by RLS2005, Mar 29, 2005.

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    I know that it is pretty hard to kill privet hedges but I dont want to kill it or do harm to it. But I have a customer that wants it trimmed, in my opinion it barely needs it, if at all. But she is the type that has already told me that she wants it to be perfect all year even if I have to trim it every 2 weeks. If I did trim it now all I would be doing is fixing parts of it that was trimmed to low. If you look at the whole thing there are parts that kind of dip a little bit, so I can make the dip not as noticable but thats about it. I just want to make sure that if I do trim it within the next week that I wont kill it for the season b/c I know that I will make good money the rest of the season on it. Any suggestions? Should I try to convince the customer to hold off on that hedge or just do what she wants and still charge her full price. She already knows that if I trim it I wont be taking alot off, but she was okay with it. Sorry for the long post....any advice would be appreciated.

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    The spring here in Va is March-April
    I don't know about PA. specifically

    Pruning in spring the privet will flush back out fairly quickly.

    We can cut privet Jan,Feb,March.April,May,Jun,July,
    DO not prune Aug,Sept,or October.

    Midseason shear if a formal hedge is desired.
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    Thanks coffeecraver, I appreciate the help :)

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