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    I have dealt with realty accounts and they also were managed by women. I can't say that it was a factor one way or the other regarding ease-of-doing-business. My experiences so far have been just like any other business account and pay has been very prompt. I don't know if this is typical or not of realties, ....just my 2 cents.
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    Marc Smith I'm not talking about NOT being used to cheap customers. We've dealt with people like you before. What it means is that people don't see the value in anything anymore, even service. Ps I appreciate good commentary but try not to jump all over me because I'm venting thats what this board if for.
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    I did not think i was jumping all over you. sorry that was not my intention

    It is difficult to sell yourself, thats probably the hardest aspect of owning your own business. Some people sell themselves on price alone (walmart, HD, Lowes, Trugreen, ect). If I'm gonna spend more on something I need a warm fuzzy feeling that tell me that i'm spending more as it makes sense.

    It is hard to tell people that you are going to cut their grass for X dollars more than joe schmoe, and be able to show them value in those extra dollars spent. We spend the extra money to be insured, licences, educated, ect, all of that adds to our overhead and we need to set ourselvesapart, whether it be charging a flat rate monthly fee that never changes, throwing a few annuals in the ground that are leftover from another job, sending out a chirstmas or birthday card, simply offering free advice and making yourself available to your clients. Some people can do this, some can't. those that can't sell on price alone and they cater to those who could care less about the "warm fuzzies" as I call it. I have people not renew their contracts over a $5 a month price increase, Where they cheapskates, probably...Did they see the extra value in me coming to their house on my day off no charge to walk them through their irrigation system and how to program it...I guess not...I guess on those clients that become cheapskates we know were we stand and we know that if we go the extra mile it will be for naught.

    I don't mind the rant at all, as you said this is a place to vent...
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    Everything you said was exactly the way you feel when somebody does not renew and you know it's price driven.
    All the extras we do and have done go by the wayside loyalty is NO more.
    Ps thanks for understanding- I meant no harm for my comments either. Thanks!
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    people are cheaper than ever!!! Infact it may not be entirely their fault as there are factors they just dont consider. Case in point:

    A) The majority of customers do not realize how much $$ we have in equipment

    B) The majority of customers do not realize that we drive all over the place to get to their property

    C) Finally, the majority of customers have just become complete ***holes with no respect for the lawn man. To them that is all we are...the "lawn guy"

    Went to a fellas house last week to blow his roof off/clean his gutters. When he asked what he owed me, he just didnt understand why I wanted 35 dollars for getting up on his roof with a 30lb 500$$ blower. After all, I didnt have any drive time at all did I??? Cheap ass people nowadays...
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    Now that part don't bother me no more, I simply don't care what they realize or not.
    I'm all about getting in-and-out of there, I don't care if the answer is yes or no - Make up your mind, because the sooner it's over, the better -> The faster I am done estimating this one, the sooner I can go estimate another.
    So take it or leave it.
    Thank you now :waving:

    I HATE that, especially that condescending attitude some have towards us, like we're the poorest of the poor and it would be a priviledge to work on their yard for their kind donations to our cause... Most of them don't mess with me too much anymore because I just walk around like my farts don't stink, but a few never get it <- I get out of there asap thou.

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