Is it worth it? 1x1 inch ad $21 a month

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by mowingismylife, Apr 13, 2004.

  1. mowingismylife

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    Hey just wondering what you guys think we have a local free paper that is passed out to around 11,000 + homes a week and we have done the whole running ads in the paper thing before but with no luck. Like last year in around july when we firsted started out we ran 2 ads one in the local Early Bird paper and then one in the above paper i was talking about called the Still Water paper both ads costed about $14 together for 1 week each and got no calls what so ever. then we did a 3 week ad in the Early bird again for snow shoveling no calls again. But as a main advertising outlet should i run the 1x1 inch business listing ad for $21 a month? i wanna take the risk because right now we just do the whole flyer thing at local stores which has got 98% of all our customers. There is only 3 other lawn care businesses in the paper too. so what do you all think? I mainly want to get 10-15 mowing customers so would this be a good way to do it? Or is it to late to get new mowing customers? Thanks for any feedback
  2. Zach76

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    For $21 a month, I'd do it just for name recognition, and I'd leave it there forever. People will see your name every week, and when they need some work done, who are they gonna think of.
  3. arosewag

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    what kind of flyer do you put up?
  4. mowingismylife

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    well the flyer this year we use is basic and kind of the old fashioned because it list all the services and then has all the contact info on it e-mail,phone and then on each side it has a little pocket to hold business cards and coupons for a few services. i have 3 small pictures on it one of a person mulching,mowing and raking leafs i wanted to use pic's that had people doing some kind of yard work. all in all it's not to bad last year our flyer was big and full of color but didn't list alot of info and i also highlight the info on the new flyers that sets us apart from all the other businesses. what kind of flyer do you have? Flyers at stores have been the 1# thing that has worked for us the downside is people taking them down and covering them up tho we also have business cards in almost all the barber shops in the bigger cities we do.
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    If you cooked your family a big dinner.... And IT SUCKED

    Would making everyone take a bigger piece or making them take additional helpings make the dinner suck any less??


    If your ads are not working try something new. Running the ad more or making the ad bigger probably won't help either. While $21 is not a lot of money, would you light $21 on fire to watch it burn??
  6. ramseym

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    OK then lets talk about what HAS worked. I would love to see some examples of actions taken that did get reults and maybe see some examples.

    I'm doing my first flyer for this weekend and will upload to see what you guys think and then I'll let you know how it did.

    BTW I'm located in Port Charlotte, Fl slightly south of Sarasota and North of Ft. Myers just to give a frame of reference
  7. roadhawg3

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    I agree with zach, for $21. bucks leave it there "forever"!
    name recognition IS very important, I run a small display add in our local paper, about the size of a business card, for $18. a week. Like I have said before, people must get used to seeing your ad on a regular basis. I will pay off in the long run.
  8. Team Gopher

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    Here is a great post that discusses marketing ideas that flopped. Maybe it will be helpful.
  9. ramseym

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    Excellent series of posts for both what worked and did not work. Thank you very much for pointing me in the right direction.

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