is it worth it to get this big?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by iamthelawnman, Dec 4, 2002.

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    i have about 85 lawns and i would like to down the road start a sprinkler biss. and maybe spraying the lawns as well but is it smart to cover all the feilds of the biss. or should one just stick to one end of the biss. or should you have 1 crew doing lawns, 1 doing sprinklers,1 doing the spraying and 1 doing the landscaping, and have i run around taking care of the loose ends?
    is it worth that much troble or would i be spreadeing myself to thin?:confused:

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    make certain what you have now is very stable first. you need to have all in line so if you have any problems with the new venture the other side will be able to handle itself. Good foreman are a must if you want to expand. But first, research very carefully, make certain you know what you are going to be getting into. there is a lot of good info here use the search feature at the tp and you will find most everything has been talked about before. Then, if you still have questions, then by all means ask. the people here may give you a little grief sometimes, but they ALWAYS give good information when truly needed.

    best of luck

  3. yergus

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    sounds like you have the solutions already. depends on your goals. i myself advertize as the one stop lawn care/ landscape company, the only thing i do not do is irrigation installation, and that i refer to several companies.
    i want to be big and am ready, are you ready?
  4. Andrew S

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    I applaud anyone who wishes to improve themselves.

    you not only help yourself-you are by expanding providing a new level of service,providing new jobs for new people.

    As long as you have planned to handle the growth in your business and can handle this as far as I can see it it is a win/win situation.


  5. Fantasy Lawns

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    You don't want to be spraying down here or do you ?? The insurance is almost twice as much ....the yearly schooling n state fees are high ....if you even spray round up you need a “blue card” …. N this cost $150 year …..look into subbing this work until big enough to justify the work or create a "relationship" with a local small guy refer him ...he refer's you

    Irrigation installs you have a licensed electrician on hand ? you have a well drill truck ? ….(we don’t tap into city water down here for the most part) ….fixing zones or replacing heads is one thing …..but switching pumps or timers is another ...if you can sub the drill n elec ....the rest is good $$ ....but remember even here's the maintanence you need to sell

    Don't get me wrong ....grow your bussiness ...expand slowly ...focus on doing one thing n one thing killer (fore now) ....than after many years experience slowly expand into more service's

    For each their own but for us …..we focus on Maintenance n landscape installs …there’s ton’s of work ….Good Luck ;->

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