is it worth it to join PLCAA

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by ant, Sep 5, 2001.

  1. ant

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    is it worth it?
    i am a member of my state organization,and sometimes i wonder about it.
  2. HBFOXJr

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    I used to belong to NJNLA and they are very good. However I don't landscape anymore and that is their main focus. It is all so parochial and tunnel visioned at the state level that no group wants to cross lines of work.

    I was a trustee and now a past president of the Irrigation Association of NJ. I'm not even a member of them anymore because they are so closed minded, regionally oriented and lack vision. I will say that many good people have passed through that organization and I worked with some. Overall we couldn't be progressive.

    I was a member of ALCA when we landscaped and they are dynamite.

    I'm now a PLCAA member and they are worth it.

    Here in NJ, except for NJNLA your get WAY MORE for your member- ship dollar with the national groups as compared to state groups.

    While serving the IA of NJ I tried to get the NJNLA to consider remodeling the organization to work like the NJ FArm Bureau. FArm Bureau has 5,000-6,000 member in NJ. It represents ALL areas of agriculture under one roof. No separate organizations for sod, nursery, dairy, small grains, small fruits, tree fruits etc. Just divisions under one roof to fairly represent each one. All broken down to the county level. So much for the much maligned stereo type of the dumb farmer. Too bad the green industry is not that progressive and open minded.

    Advise - spend your bucks at the national level.
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    As a member of the Tennessee Farm Bureau I get excellent insurance rates through them.

    I have my home, vehicles, and business insured through them. All bundled together for a nice, low premium! :D

    The business insurance is custom tailored to my specific needs...lawn care.

    They are a wonderful source of knowledge and information in all topics agricultural too. They are also a very 'community-minded' organization.

    I'm proud to call myself a member!

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