Is it worth it?

Discussion in 'Christmas Trees & Seasonal' started by kawasaki guy, Oct 21, 2012.

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    Is it worth it to do Christmas lights? Do the clients provide the lights and tree or does the contractor? How much do you all charge?
  2. TexasFire221

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    Come on man just search the forum and read the threads. Of course its worth it, if it wasnt would we really be doing it??? I supply all the lights because they are commercial grade. Home owners purchase lights from big box stores and they are trash. As far as how much I charge...well as much as I can get! It all depends on the job and product it can range from $200-$30,000+. Do a little research and read the threads
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    This is a good question...I'm interested in this as well.

    Maybe this guy asked the question instead of looking at past threads because he wants a fresh perspective on it.
  4. David Gretzmier

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    how you do it and how much you make, like all businesses, is up to you. Christmas lights is a but more dangerous and you have more liability than if we are talking about mowing.

    So it does and should pay more.

    but while you might get scratched, or cut off a toe or possibly even put out an eye doing lawn care, you can die or put yourself in a wheelchair if you fall off a roof or ladder.

    many times you can be liable for killing a bush or a tree, or maybe throwing a rock from a piece of equipment running and break a window and you have to pay a few hundred to a few thousand to replace that. perhaps there is a very outside chance you could put out a homeowners eye with that rock from above. but with christmas lights we are talking electricity. you can burn their house down. people could be in there.

    so again, given the risk, it should and does pay more on a per hour basis. but you have to find fairly smart people who will not overload cords and timers, and you have to find folks who are not afraid of heights or ladders. And they need to be fairly good problem solvers too, because problems with the customers electric is common. and that labor pool is much smaller than lawn folks. and you have to pay them a bit better too.

    There are tons of handyman services that hang customers lights for 65 per man hour and give no warranty. But I have tried and always regretted hanging customer lights. The only way I do this is sell new, high quality product and give all service included, and I make the homes look awesome. I take down the lights, I store them in my warehouse, and I rehang takedown and store the following years. I do rent a few jobs, but I honestly don't like the rentals. far greater percentage of them don't rehang the following year compared to folks who invest up front. to grow this thing to something that supports your family and you can sell it to an investor, selling the lights is the only way to go for me.

    The other poster was right, this has been discussed tons of times and there are lots of info available on previous threads in this very forum.
  5. PlantscapeSolutions

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    If your a smart guy who is diverse and offers services besides just grass cutting it's probably worth it. If you can handle landscape lighting, setting irrigation controllers of all types, understand a multitude of pesticides (licensed), have diverse plant knowledge, landscape design knowledge, or do at least a few of the things I'm listing you can probably handle it.

    If taking pictures of lawn stripes and posting them on lawnsite is the highlight of your day you may want to forget about holiday lights.
  6. turf hokie

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    That's Awesome!!!
  7. phillie

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    How are these good questions? I can sit here and say its worth it because to me itis. It may not be to you. I know how to price these jobs to get the job and make a profit. How much I charge isnt worth anything to someone 1000 miles away. It pays to do research.. There are plenty of resources through previous threads and distributors to answer these questions.

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