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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by broken leg, Dec 14, 2003.

  1. broken leg

    broken leg LawnSite Senior Member
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    I have a 52 23hp Zmaster 3 seasons old and a 44 walk 1 season old. I do not use the 44 to much to handle because of my right leg. So I went to trade both of them on a new Toro z 20 hp with the new 52 deck. They say it will cut better then my sfs deck and I can get on and off much easer. The belts are much easer to change. The dealer wanted 2,000.00 difference. the new Z sales for 6,999.00. He does have my walk for sale for me at his place at know charge. The main thing is I don't know if I want to stay with toro type mower or not. The dealer has always be good to me but i keep looking at walker mowers because of the bagging system. " What does every body think" :help:
  2. J Hisch

    J Hisch LawnSite Senior Member
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    It really depends on the properties you are mowing. For example if your cutting small shopping center blvd. other Highly visible commercial properties then go for it. Also the other nice thing is by a big deck and smaller bagging deck. That way you have two mowers in one. The money for the walkers will only pay off if you have the right locations otherwise their not worth the dough IMO.
  3. NCSULandscaper

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    I would always shop around and see whats new on the market. I run Toros and thought about one of their new ones but after seeing what Hustler had to offer i have decided to change over to their equipment in the next season or 2. Never hurts to look around.
  4. Potchkins

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    don't forget exmark
  5. Avery

    Avery LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Toro makes an out front Z similar to the Walker. Stay away from Walker IMO.
  6. bayfish

    bayfish LawnSite Senior Member
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    NCSU...I'm heading that way too. I went to my dealer this summer with the intention of buying a Toro Z, but when I looked at the Hustler Z, I bought it. I still have 2 Toro walkbehinds that I'll run again in 2004, but after that, I'll probably get rid of them and get another Hustler.
  7. broken leg

    broken leg LawnSite Senior Member
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    Well I bough a walker 48 26hp fuel-injected clamshell opening speedupgear and grass deflector. It will be delivered in the morning. I am going to keep my 52Z and sell my 44walk and my 32 walk. It sat real good and has fabric seat with arm rest. I am tired of the bagger on the back with the hoses. My Toro dealer was going to give me a good deal on a 350Z but it was to big overall.

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