Is It Worth Transplanting These Crape Myrtles?

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by Pearl Valley Landscapes, Dec 27, 2007.

  1. Pearl Valley Landscapes

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    Is really worth transplanting these crape myrtles and what would you charge per tree?These trees are about 12-15 feet. Will they survive? these Need to be removed because they are blocking the view. Any help or advice would be appreciated . Thanks, Attached is the picture.

  2. adrianrog

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    If it were my yard, I'd want them gone cheap. If I were going to spend a bunch moving trees, it sure wouldn't be for Crape Myrtles. Sorry, I don't have any advice on cost or whether they'd live.
  3. sildoc

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    Depends on how far you are moving them? the small one no problem easy and fast. the 2 large ones you are going to need a tree spade or a tow truck. so you are looking at a min of 120 or so for the tow truck and then your time. I personally would tell them it would cost 50 per tree for new and get some smaller ones to plant and cut these ones down. easy and cheaper than moving them.
    Biggest problem with this size of plant is that you need a good size root ball and one guy just cant move that large by himself, thus the cost.
  4. Pearl Valley Landscapes

    Pearl Valley Landscapes LawnSite Member
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    I was thinking of using the skid stree loader & moving it. I'm thinking of planting about 60 feet away.But if the price & risks involved are big for the transplanting them.Then i would rather cut them down.I just thought that the customer would have been happy if i could re located them.
  5. allinearth

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    The one by the step will be hard to get a good rootball on. Otherwise 2+ hrs each to transplant + machine, they will be heavy. Thin them by cutting inside growth. Please don't murder them. If you will be there and have equipment already there they will be worth it. If done correctly I would give about 80-90% survival rate. I always give customer a price and chance of survival and let thm decide how important they are. If you just cut them they will re-grow, so you will have to remove roots anyway. Crape myrtles are pretty tough.

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