is kentucky fescue excellent grass for renovation?

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by akgarrett62, Jun 4, 2008.

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    i want to renovate my lawn, and have been under the impression that fescue will make a beautiful lawn. is KY fescue a good choice, or regular fescue?

    i live in HOT Tennessee.
  2. cpa4t9r

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    Do you mean Kentucky 31/Rebel Fescue or KY Bluegrass? Do like I did and do BOTH!!!

    K31 Fescue, I believe, was one of the early cultivars of fescue that was commercialized. Check out NC State's or Ohio State's university/co-op extension. Here is a link to the NCSU site a.k.a. Turffiles.

    Very comprehensive - there are a lot of free guides/downloads/tools and they have some good recommendations as far as which seed cultivars perform better based on their clinical trials. I use it extensively for herbicides/weed/disease identification. There are a lot of new strains of fescue of TTTF, chewing fescue, fine fescue depending on your climate/conditions/soil type.

    I have used a blend of TTTF (Lesco Transition at my old home) in the past but now use Turf Seed Inc. (Scott's owns now) Confederate blend with excellent results. Last year I switched to TTTF/KBG blend to help thicken my weaker areas as KBG spreads while TTTF does not (although some new fescues do but I haven't heard people speak highly of them). The TTTF/KBG has really done well and we'll see how it handles the heat (high 90s the rest of this week :cry:). TTTF is fairly hardy for cool-season grass but many prefer the appearance of KBG (finer blades/darker colors). That is what I understand to the be improvements of the newer TTTF varieties over the old K31 is the improved color/texture while maintaining most of the durability of K31. I'm in the Transition zone and have the good ole clay soils - not sure what you've got over in the Volunteer state.

    Hope that helps - good luck!
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    K31 is a clumping varietu. I think creeping red would better suit you. I'd even mix it with some Bluegrass. Very thick. Overseed after establishedwhen a late snow is melting every other year if needed.
    Roy in Kingsport

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