is landscaping a floading market? my expencess

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by woodie08, Feb 14, 2008.

  1. woodie08

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    I hear that there's millions of landscapers out there. so how does a new guy have a chance and if so haw much of a chance? with little or no experince, how do you over come the odds? I've spent 4,500.00 on a 2006 iz4817 commecial 48"zt husqvarna with 12 hrs on it with 5yr warr.. 2 yr same as cash.about 900.00 on a 5' 12' lanscaping open trailer(new) edger,blower,weed wacker , push mower all ready had.. I spent some cash & assume some dept. so i'm a liitle nerved about the market and being 6,000 commited. at $25 cut week or a 100. month I need 8 accounts for the 8 months or so for the season. to pay every thing off,do you think by chances are good getting 8 accounts my first year? and do ya think I got a good price on the zt? its kawasaki v twin 17 hp hydrogear/parker ross goes about 9.5 miles an hr Select a picture

  2. DK lawn care

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    I think you wont have a problem getting 8 accounts. It all depends on how you market and when u pass ur flyers out
  3. rcracer

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    when excatley do you pass your fliers out. i did some this week is it to early?:usflag:
  4. Dave_005

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    you should be able to get 8 acct's pretty easy, put out flyers and talk to Everyone you can about your doing lawncare, pass out buisness cards to everyone you talk to, and you will get calls, give them your quote and do Good work and word of mouth will spread and bring in more acct's. there is Alot of work out there for people who are Reliable, Dependable and do Good Quality work. i pass out flyers in late March, but talk to people year round and hand out buisness cards
  5. shovelracer

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    Good times are the very first day spring breaks, and about a week before the first round of mowing would start. People dont think about lawn mowing till it warms up and they start getting outside. Be careful about undercharging, everyone has different costs but I wouldnt even consider dropping my gate for that amount. Your equipment alone is gonna cost you about 15/hr to operate. Then you have to pay your truck, gas, parts, etc. If you do a great job people will refer you, regardless of price. If you undercharge they will tell everyone they know and you will wind up killing yourself while barely paying the bills. I started five years ago with an almost identical setup, my lowest was $35 and I didnt make any money even though I had 35 accounts and busted my rear every day. I used flyers only. I now do a lot better, but still kick myself for not asking higher prices right off the bat.

    The market is different all over, but I have noticed one common. That is that every year a ton of guys with a pickup and a mower think they can be landscapers. By september almost all of them are gone and its back to the original few LCO. Maybe one makes it out of the 15 that try. The biggest killer is that they undercharge, overspend and force themselves out of business. So my advice is if you want to be serious than take it slow, evaluate your expenses, watch your spending, and dont be afraid to ask for more money. And remember that with any business you arent going to make any profit your first 1-3 years, cause any profit will go into startup costs, more equipment, etc. Good Luck
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    Shovel, remember your in Jersey, we're in ohio where 25 bucks for a 18-20 min average mow is doing good.

    Woodie, figure out what your cost of business is. then you can figure out what you need to charge.

    I know what it costs for me to do an average lawn, and if I get 25 or more I'm doing fine. I wouldn't just go out and price stuff at 20 a cut because everyone else is or 18 because the other guy is 20 and well you have nothing else to do, thats how people go out of business.

    Get decent business cards made, get some nice flyers done up and maybe toss an ad in the local papers. You should easily do twice or even triple of what you said you need. When you see people you know, mention what your doing and give them a card or two to pass on.

    Your best bet for flyer time is when it starts to green up outside, once it does, start flyering. I normally keep flyering until I have too much work so then I have no more extra time to flyer. Which is normally mid april.

    GSPHUNTER LawnSite Senior Member
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    KC is exactly right. People need to look at where people are from. My min. is $25/cut.

    The cost of living hear is much less than any of the coast states. Also, my taxes are fairly low compared to other parts of the country, which means when I go buy a mower it cost less, when I buy fuel it cost less, and when I pay all other taxes it cost less. This all means that I can't charge as much for my services, but my dollar will also go farther. It all evens out in the end.

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