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Is Leaf Loader Worth It?


LawnSite Senior Member
I bought a leaf loader two years ago and thought it was terrible.Too much time wasted and the truck was filled after 4 houses.(11' dump body with 5' high sides,custom made canvas top)took it off after two weeks.Went back to the old way of blowing the leaves out of the beds into a pile and grinding the crap out of them.Maybe 6-8 green barrels that way per house,can go at least a full day if not more without dumping the truck and had more production also.Not to mention wasting a guy standing there holding a hose to suck up the leaves.Maybe I'm missing something.Would be nice to hear some opinions. Thanks


LawnSite Senior Member
St. Louis, Mo
Did you mulch the leaves, when using the leaf loader or just blow them to the truck and suck them up? By grinding them juse once or twice with the mower you will greatly reduce the volume.
I'm not sure on the size of your properties but we can usually go 2-3 days with our truck on 5-10,000 sq ft lawns, If we do our west county run that are 1 acre properties with too many trees to count then we can only get one days work out of truck before having to dump.
We have a 7X12 bed with 6' sides.

truck photos 010.jpg

Kelly's Landscaping

LawnSite Platinum Member
Milford CT
Beats the heck out of me what you did I have an 11x 8 foot bed and we have a 6 foot high box that holds 18 yards with a 20 hp giant vac loader. The difference in speed is night and day and the amount we can hold is easily 8 times what we fit when we load by hand. A leaf loader dices the leaves and reduces the volume at according to them 11 to 1 ratio that means 11 yards of leaves now take up one yard of space. I don’t think I ever see 11 to 1 but I definitely see 8 to 1 as far as quantity of leaves its a life saver on one of my worst houses I sucked up a pile in about 3 hours then dumped and spent 1 more hour on it the amount of leaves was more then 350 cubic yards. I would have filled my 2-car garage 28 x 30 x 8 to capacity twice. If your not seeing results that look like that then perhaps your vac is to small to be worth the money you paid for it. But no way would I do clean ups with out one.


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New Hampshire
Hmmmm.....it is the size that counts....well we have a 12 x 8' with 8 foot sides...thats a lot of leaves.

Blades of Steel

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Southaven, MS
After setting mine up this season I'll never be without one. It's all in the meathod. I have mine mounted over the tongue of a 5 x12 ft trailer with 7 ft sides. Makes for 32 cubit yards of finely ground leaves.

We blow them to tarps if we have to then drag them to the loader. Most properties I have don't need that meathod. Just blow them to the trailer and suckm' up!



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Cape Cod, MA
This past Fall was the first season that I used a leaf loader. Production went up by at least 30%. I mounted a 16 hp Billy Goat on a dump trailer. It worked great.


LawnSite Bronze Member
For small properties without many leaves where you can dump than a leaf loader is not worth the money to purchase. Its when you get to the big properties with alot of leaves, that it helps a ton.