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Is my app of dimension too late?


LawnSite Member
Eastern Pa
I applied dimension between 4/17 to 4/21 and i am from northeastern pa. Is my timing ok. I was going by a program that lesco created for me. People are telling me that i am applying too late. What is the general rule of thumb.


LawnSite Bronze Member
Stratford, CT
You should be OK. Is Crabgrass starting to show on the edges of untreated turf in your area yet? I saw crabgrass in the single leaf this weekend in Wallingford, CT but a light frost would still be possible so it doesn't really matter much.

Dimension at .25 lbs AI/A right now would take out the crabs I saw anyway.


LawnSite Member
I'm in Maryland and have seen some single leaf crab in HOT spots along curbs / road. I applied 13-2-5 .15% @ 2.75lb /1000 on a few lawns last week and will check them out on fri had a good rain over weekend. Dimension works fairly well as a post on baby crab. You should be alright.

I made a cool tool to apply pre to hot spots this year . It's a shaker for applying powdered sugar. It's about the size of a coffee can, you squeeze a handle and the sugar drops through a screen. I ripped out the screen and tack welded a larger mesh in bottom. I carry a bag of 0-0-7 dimension, mini prill and apply extra pre to areas with dead crab, walks, etc so I don't need to apply extra N to a certain area. Takes a little extra time to apply, but works well so far .



LawnSite Fanatic
You're in our zone. Our land grant university guys (Iowa) prefer late April for a full-strength crabgrass treatment. Foxtail = a little later.

Good luck.


LawnSite Bronze Member
your fine, especially with dimension since you will also get some post emergent control.