IS my bid too high?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by smikes, Jun 9, 2009.

  1. smikes

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    Got a call to do string trimming only. Older couple. Property is edged by a stream for about 300 feet.Lawn is mowed to the raised bank, then the high grass starts up over the mounded bank and down a rocky grass covered slope to the stream. 1/4 of the length is thick thigh high grass 7-10 foot wide. The rest is knee high pasture like with lots of rocks. Bank is roughly a 45* slope.

    I intended to use a brush cutter on heavier stuff and string trim the rest, then blow the cuttings down over the bank to make it look cleaner.

    I told them 150.00, which the wife said was reasonable,and I said I would be back in three days to do it. Tonight she called and said her husband thought the price was too high. I am now thinking that they didn't care how it looked ,they just wanted it knocked down. Of course I wanted it to look nice so they couldn't complain about how it would look with all the tall grass laying down.

    Am I too high?
  2. gdguth

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    I would have to actually see it to know what I would bid. Only you know if you bid it right or not. You know what your expenses are and what you will make off of it.
  3. 4seasonsmgt

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    how many guys and how long do u think it will take you?
  4. kaferhaus

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    I thought it was about right or maybe even a tad low.

    Bottom line is the old man doesn't want to spend the money. Maybe he'll throw an ad on the local craigs list and offer to pay someone $50 to do it. Starting to see that a lot down here. the customer is naming the price and asking for whoever will do it for that to come over and get it done. AND they're obviously getting responses because the ads disappear within a day to two.

    Had one the other day where a guy posted he needed 2 acres bush hogged and would pay no more than $125 for it. Add ran a day.
  5. tacoma200

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    I would rather loose a few by bidding too high than be stuck with an underpaid account.
  6. delphied

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    All you can do is give the bid as low as you care to do it for and only verbally because if you write it down, you get beat by 5 bucks. There are more cheap customers than good ones and alot of goofballs willing to oblige them. Ive even got the biggest operators in my area trying to undercut my prices on customers I already have. They can have em.
  7. smikes

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    Ya know, this job I actually found in the classifieds over a month ago.SO mabey I wasn't the first to go bid. They have a lawn care service do their yard and I wondered why they weren't doing the trimming. Oh well....

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