Is my carb too rich?

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    I have a super z 60" mower with the 28hp Kohler engine. Gas smelled bad so I decided to drain tanks this spring. Gas did not look good at all so I flushed the tanks out. I do use a gas stabilizer in the fall. I also took off carb disassembled it and clean what I could. I put carb on engine, new gas filter and fresh nonethanol gas in one of the tanks. With the muffler off the engine started fine but I noticed a blue flame coming out of the exhaust manifold. The more I revved the engine the flame became more red.
    Is this normal? It seems too rich to me or a valve is not seating well enough. Like I said it started easily after not running for months. Last year it had gotten harder to start and would backfire if I did not let the engine idle down before shutting it off. There is no mixture adjust on the carb just the main jet in the bottom of the carb.
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    Oh Boy!
    Fuel stabilizer is good to a point. The shelf life on most of the fuels out there today is around 30days, so a stabilizer is good to keep the fuel fresh a bit longer. Thinking it's going to hold your fuel for 6 months might be a stretch. Running the engine without a muffler may sound cool from a mile away but it can really damage your valves. You also mess with the back pressure when you take off the muffler. There is nothing but trouble doing that. At the track with open pipes the first thing done after a race is plug the pipe so cold air does not hit the white hot valves. Please put your muffler back on.
    The flames coming out of the exhaust port is normal. Ever see an old WWII movie when the planes took off at night? Flames were coming out of the exhaust pipe. We see it all the time up north with snowblowers at night.
    I would suggest putting things back together, throw some sea foam in the fuel and let it do it's magic. If you have issues after that we'll deal with them at that time.

    Brian O
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    The next day I went to start the mower and about 5-6 oz of gas came out the exhaust pipe. So I must have some needle and seat problems. I agree with having the muffler on. Usually when I put something back together I will start it just to be sure it runs then complete the exhaust install. I bought this mower used with 160 hours and it now has 450 hours but there was some really bad looking gunk in the gas tanks. When the old gas settled it looked like a 1" layer of old coffee in bottom of the jug. I have always been told to fill the gas tank in the fall, put in stabilizer and gas should be good till spring. Maybe I should do the opposite now.
    I called my dealer and no needle and seat sold separately. $70 for a carb kit but the dealer didn't know what came in the kit. I have been using the mower I turn the gas lever off and let it begin to run out of gas before shutting it off. It runs much better with the fresh gas.

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