Is my math correct??

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    I am trying to calculate my costs / 1000 sf for each chemical I use and after an hour have confused myself completely. Took a stupid pill this morning instead of the ginko.
    For example here are my calculations for a new herbicide I am going to use.
    I am switching to Escalade on the recommendation of my supplier, which comes in a 2 1/2 gal jug and costs approximately $130.00. below is how I broke it down... hope you can follow

    - 2 1/2 gal = 320 oz of product, this is how Escalade is supplied.

    -$130.00 divided by 320 oz. = 4 cents per oz right??? not 40 cents per oz? this is supposed to be the easy math.

    - dilution rate for Escalade is .75 to 1.1 oz / 1000 sf (I am using it at 1 oz / 1000 sf = 44 oz per acre)

    2 1/2 gal (320 oz) of Escalade at 1 oz / 1000 sf will treat 320000 sf = 7.2 acres per jug of Escalade

    if the above math is right and Escalade costs me 4 cents per 1000 then one acre should cost me $17.60 in product costs. I didn't want to confuse this further adding the cost of a spreader sticker to the math, I will do that later.

    To proof my math I multiplied $17.60 X 7.2 = $126.72 (the 7.2 is how many acres a 2 1/2 gal jug will treat):confused:
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    according to my figures it should be $0.40 per oz.
    I hope you added your tax to the 130.00, here in Michigan that would add $7.80 per 2.5 gal. jug
    so, 130+ rounded off 8.00 = 138.00 divided by 320 oz = 0.43125 cents per oz/1000
    confimation $0.43 X 320oz = $137.60
    This comes out .20 cents short per jug so I would round up to .45 cents per oz. that way you are covered for any price changes that may pop up.
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    sounds correct to me stumper:waving:
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    Just a suggestion on pricing products. Take your pre sales tax price and mark it up 15% to cover "shrinkage". Thats a term for lost,spilt,stolen, mis measured and mis applied product.Also covers sales tax and freight.

    Its a way to recoup your true cost.

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