Is my price outragous?

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by 24ON48OFF, Mar 27, 2006.

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    I bid a sod job the other day for 3500 sq. ft. of St. Augustine. My bid was $3250. I get a call today from customer saying she got another bid from a big company in the area. Their bid was $1450. She asked if I can match their price. I quickly said no way. I know they get the sod cheaper but man. My cost for the sod and delivery would be $960. Am I over priced? Even if I bid it lower I never would have bid it for $1450. I couldnt even break even at that price. Do you think they are really doing it for this price or is she just trying to get me to come off of mine?
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    here we are paying about $2.65/ yard

    you are only talking about 388 yards.

    we can lay that in about 10 man hours max.

    (with my dingo and big rolls, i can do it in about 6 hrs)

    we would do the job for about $2K

    this assumes no grading work is required.
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    here i buy fescue for 1.60 a yard an thats just the sod no labor the sod company i buy from provides the sod an lays it for 1.70 a yard . the only time i lay sod is when its 300 yards are less because the sod companies minimum is 300 yards . small sod jobs pay me well. i have done several large sod jobs years ago , 10 thousand yard installs plus , but now days people really shop around an when sod companies are charing 10 cents to lay hell who can beat that price see ya george
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    The yard has some existing bermuda, I was also figuring the labor of taking that out. They told her they would spray it and wait 2 weeks then lay the sod. I would rather take the old grass out myself.
  5. YardPro

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    spraying the bermuda will be much more effective

    since bermuda has extremely aggressive rhizomes, raking will not do any good.
    it wil regrow from whatever roots are left in the soil. It will actually grow up through the new sod if not chemically killed.
    bermuda has the most aggressive rhizomes of any turfgrass. It is the 800 lb gorilla of turf.

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