Is my Zoysia Palisades going to make it?

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by erp2863, May 19, 2006.

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    Anyone have experience with puting down new Zoysia Palisades? When the sod was delivered on Monday afternoon I noticed that it looked a little dry. The driver said it was normal. I figure that it was probably get the Friday before. I've been watering everyday, with a deep watering the first night. It seems to have gotten more yellow then with it first arrived. Did I do something wrong? Any help would be appreciated.


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    Zoysia truns yellow by nature, depends on your climate, it might be dormant !! i havent worked with this type of grass yet, by my client wanted it so i looked into zoysia, and this was one of the draw backs, it looks dead most of the year in certain zones, and it creeps everywere, like flower beds, or any other place that you dont want it like between pavers, and its very hard to kill even if you spray it, it will not die unless its dormant
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    Maybe I should have explained the pics. The first one is the day of install (this past Monday) and the second is from this morning. You might be confused with another variant of zoysia, but palisades is suppose to have the shortest dormancy of the bunch. I'm in central Texas and it should be green by now. It's been 80+deg now since March.

    Also, Palisades will creep, but way slower than St. Augustine. The limestone edging I installed around the whole parimeter of the yard is actually to keep the neighbors grasses from creeping into the palisade.
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    Your pics are not showing up for me but you might want to read my thread, as I had palisades put down in my lawn about a month and a half ago. Some of it is going strong and some of it looks dead as can be. I'm at a loss. The guy that put it down for me seems to be pretty sure that it will all or mostly green up after we get some consistant heat combined with my consistant watering. So far we've only had a significant amount of sun and heat for less than a week straight this season and that was this past week. I have not seen any improvement yet but am watching it every day to see...
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    Thanks for the info. Not sure what happenned to the pics, here is the direct links.

    Day1 -

    Day4 -

    Day13 -

    As you can see things are improving. Unfortunetely I'm not sure if it's getting better because of the watering, time, or that I treated it with Earth Nectar and Earth Ambrosia from Soil Secrets. Probably a combination of everything.

    Thanks again,
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    One thing to remember about Zoysia spp as a rule, it doesn't recover well from stress.
    Recovery time is slow and just think about the stress placed upon the plant when it is driven over by a large tractor wielding a heavy sod harvesting attachment then placed upon a pallet and dryed at eighty miles per hour in route to the sod yard where it sits all day to be delivered to you.
    Regarding the material you treated it with, once the sod is rooted, aerification and clipping collection are more benefical to this highly thatch prone turf than some organic fertilization techniques.
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    Just a follow-up in case anyone is interested in Palisades...

    Here is a pic after nearly 4 months:


    Had an invasion of dallis grass in July, probably from the soil mix I used during the renovation. After 2 applications of MSMA, it has been controlled. The palisades did stress and turn yellow for about 3 weeks. As you can see it has recovered nicely. Hopefully a pre-emergent will kick it in the butt in the spring.

    Now I just need to figure out what is going on with my chinese pistachio in the corner....


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