Is now the best time to start a lawn care business?

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by MarkH45, Jul 15, 2008.

  1. MarkH45

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    Hey everyone, kind of new to the forum. I used to be a member about 8 years ago when I had my landscaping business based out of Harrisburg, PA. I think this is the forum I used to post at. Anyway, I had a friend of mine ask me to invest in a new landscaping company he started. He started about 3 months ago and now needs some money for newer equipment, better truck, advertising etc... He seems to be doing pretty good for just starting out. Has a good mix of residential and commercial clients. He just needs some additional cash flow to help expand. My question to all of you is: Is this the best time to start/invest money into a lawn care company? Gas prices are crazy, no one seems to be spending money... When I had my business I was 18-21 years old, did very well, then sold the business (which now I kind of regret because the guy who bought it is doing fantastic). Any advice you could give would be great. I have not been in the landscaping business for a long time and have lost a sense of where the market is right now. Thanks in advance :usflag:
  2. MAD87

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    A lot depends on your area. Around here, the market is flooded and it is cut throat. I wouldn't recommend it(investing in another LCO) right now with the bleak economic outlook. Like I said, things might be different in your area.
    However, I wouldn't be afraid to start part time if you have other income coming in. If things look like they are going well, then you can go full time.
  3. MarkH45

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    I was just thinking about helping a friend out financially with his, not starting my own again. Thanks for the reply though, unfortunatly that's what I thought, I just wanted to here it from some people that are currently in the business. It is pretty cut throat around here also.
  4. MAD87

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    I would recommend for him to keep using the equipment he has until he can afford better stuff on his own. Many of the biggest LCOs started out with 21" push mowers, so it is important to start with what he can afford.:)
  5. MarkH45

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    yeah, these damn kids always want to start with the best... :rolleyes:
  6. Grits

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    I could think of better things to invest my money in.
  7. ALC-GregH

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    I'm no kid but I wanted to start with the best so I bought a Scag. :D
  8. MAD87

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    There's nothing wrong with starting with the best if you can afford it and the piece of equipment pays for itself! I also started with my 60" Exmark. The first few months were a little rough until I built my customer base up a little. Now that it's paid off, it's time for it to start paying me!! At first I thought I would regret going in debt like that, but looking back, I'm glad I went the way i did!
  9. dago52

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    I would not take a chance just because he is a friend. Friendship businesses tend to break up friendships 95 percent of the time. If you like your friend then invest your money somewhere else.

    Good Luck
  10. dura to the max

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    he beat me to it! the same can, and should, be said of family.

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