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Is older Better ?

Discussion in 'Tractors' started by mowjoeman, Jun 13, 2004.

  1. mowjoeman

    mowjoeman LawnSite Member
    Messages: 61

    Hello To All - I am in the third season here in central west Fl. I mostly cut 100x80 residential properties. No doubt the heat is the worst thing about this business otherwise I enjoy working and more so working out doors. I started out buying a business already in operation from an acquaintance with decent paying customers, which is always a good thing, so I can't really complain. a long with this business which I new very little about to begin with came a 42" toro 620 proline and a 6x10 refabricated to 12ft single axle trailer along with 30 acct's . This toro tractor has an 20 horse onan engine that I haven't really had to do anything major to it, it's a 1995 tractor that I know very little about except what i've learned along the way. all I have done to it is replaced the deck which was used and understand you can't buy a new deck for it. It still runs and cuts good only thing with the tractor is that the steering is a little touchy in that just a little pressure to either of the sticks makes the tractor lerch! it's really sensitive. In it's day i'm sure it was, and still is a good unit, although I see more of the 16 hps motors but I would like to know where to buy parts for it and find out some more History about the tractor itself and what market it was meant for as it isn't very fast certainly not a production type model - or was it? It almost seems like it could have been a popular model for a home owner with a few bucks to spare too? At this point i'm thinking about using this for a back up mower and buying a 52" exmark lazer. It's slim line frame is a plus for the fact that it fits into many back yards and have actually been stopped buy other LCO's in the street offering up customers because they weren't able to get their machines through the Gate Openings ! I would eventually like to build up to just monthly accts (12 month) as it makes more sense for me to do this and take more time to do other work, like tree work but this is a whole other forum also pruning a bit more as I have invested recently in chain saws stihl pole saw and the 24 " double sided stihl hedge trimmers . It seems that the lawns will come but it's a rat race to say the least, and we all no how hard it is to keep good help, but i'm mainly intrested in finding out more about this1995 Toro proline 620 ZTR Tractor and where I might be able to find out about it parts,etc. Any info would be appreciated also I hear alot of talk about Gator blades and do they make these blades for my dated tractor? - Thanks Joe

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