Is one Hydro bad on my walker?

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by gumby1, May 24, 2004.

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    I had what gumby1 is describing happen with one of my walkers about 8 years ago... Turned out to be a burned up hydro from poor maintenance by the previous owner.
    Since then... I change my gear and hydro fluids EVERY winter and have never had a hydro burn up on me since!

    I have a question though... Are the Hydros left and right OR are they the same unit on each side (just turned around).
    Still have that one on the shelf to get rebuilt if I ever find a place that will rebuild it for me.
  2. shopbytch

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    They're almost the same except the input of the other goes the other way-counter clockwise / clockwise. I think that they have to swap internal parts. We could do it, but there are a few insider secrets and parts channels. There's gotta be dozens of places around you because these things are used in a lot of other machines. The quote from walker up here was like $1400 new. Someone's always looking for a rebuild so it could be a good thing to trade with. A gone hydro might scare someone into selling their old walker cheap.

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