Is Power Washing viable to offer as a service?

Discussion in 'Power Washing' started by A&JLawn, Oct 31, 2005.

  1. A&JLawn

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    I was wondering if I should offer powerwashing services in addition to the lawn care I already am going to provide (only because I have access to a pretty nice powerwasher, and I have a little experience doing it for family and friends).

    For those knowledgeable in this area, I have a few questions.

    1) What are some standard rates you might charge? Do you base it on sq. ft., hourly, or what?

    2) Do you ask to use the homeowners hose? If not, do you bring your own hose and ask to use their spiggutty thingy? ;) Or, maybe you have your own tanks and hoses on trucks (which there is no way I could afford to do right now).

    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

  2. topsites

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    We had a guy local here called himself 'Wash & Whack'...
    I'd pick a little bit better name myself, but as a concept it appears to work.

    For the other question, NEVER use customer-provided equipment (such as hose).
    Far as using their water... I had a guy power-wash my house a week or so ago (yes for real), I don't know if he used my water or not, nor did I care. I think you should be ok in this regard and yes, they did a good job, my house is clean. For standard rates I can not help you much but I have a 1-story 3br and paid 89 dollars here in VA and I hear say that's a good deal but again I don't care - I HATE power-washing my house, I'll pay 120 NOT to have to deal with it.
  3. Az Gardener

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    I say yes. I like to have A power washer to keep the equipment clean and the customers like to have things washed from time to time. I used to have the cheaper H/O model and I loved it but it kept breaking down when they finally would'nt warranty it any more I just dropped it. I'm into my very profitable months now so I hope to pick up a commercial model soon. I used it in regular service to clean up bird crap and the green tracks in the winter. I just included it in my regular service because I sell budgeted hrs. to my clients. They are paying for time, it dose'nt matter if I'm trimming or mowing or power washing. I had a client that was having a wedding rehearsal dinner at her home in Aug. she asked me to power wash the patio and patio furniture (it really did a good job on the cushions) and it evolved into the walls of the entry and patios once I got going. I just charged her an hourly rate 65.00 I think and that included the rental cost. I agree I would not use a H/O's hose just the water. Up sells like this are great if you are already there, good for both you and the client, also consider firewood supply, propane tank change outs(for BBQ's and heaters) plant and flower pot rentals for party's. We also do little exterior handyman repairs like gate repairs and painting scuffed curbs and walls. You are already there why be in such a rush to leave. We just ask the H/O's to supply the paint and brushes which they are glad to do. I sell timepayup

    TURF DOCTOR LawnSite Silver Member
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    Slow times pw pays the bills as for pricing that is your game,never use there hose we got ask about pw so we got into it it has paid off.if you need any more help ask.

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    A&J here is the answer to your question.
    "I have a 1-story 3br and paid 89 dollars here in VA "
    At $89 you will die of starvation.
    In NC I have a 2 story house and would expect to pay around $400.00 to have it cleaned.
    I do not do houses, only decks, docks, or drives. Only things on the ground level and less likely to damage.
    Houses are very hard to do when they go 2 storys. Plan on spending a very long day at it. Also can do damage. Water through windows or doors happens but the real danger is shooting up through the vented soffit and getting water in the insulation and staining the ceiling.
    The only houses we do are my own.
  6. olderthandirt

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    he!l I could create a business and get rich and never do anything but sign customer to have a 1 story home PW for $200 and sub it out to the guy that does it for $89 :dizzy:
    The guys working for min. wage after he figures in any kind of costs.
  7. daveintoledo

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    thats pretty cheap, i charge, 50.00 per side first story, 75 per side 2nd story, 500 total for a two story...average size house
  8. olderthandirt

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    I don't do PW but how can you have a flat rate per side ? Would'nt the amount of dirt and size make a big differnce in the pricing? A 2k sq. ft house with little dirt would be a whole lot faster than a 6 k sq. ft. house that has a lot of dirt and grime to wash off.
  9. daveintoledo

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    that is the average starting rate, then i have to look at the variable of that specific job, pretty much as you mentioned, and it goes up depending on the condition, and the difficulty...
  10. olderthandirt

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    I love starting rates, Thats telling them up front that its gonna cost more than what ever is the "starting" rate is.

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