Is selling Chrstmas trees lucrative in the off season?

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by mad_wrestler, Jul 28, 2005.

  1. mad_wrestler

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    This is my first year and my brothers heading back to college. I have a guy that is leaving a good job to be my foreman. I am looking at different ideas to generate income in the off season.Hasn't snowed here since 2002, so plowing snow is out of the question. lol Thanks
  2. Guthrie&Co

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    Selling trees can be very profitable if your in the right spot. its not to hard to get a good place to sell from. most lots will sell a min of 250 trees and it goes up from theere. i have seen some sell in upwards of 1500 trees. if the market is good where your at your looking at several thousand. if you sold 250 trees at 50 ech your looking at 12,500 gross income. not including your garland, wreaths, etc etc. now if your in a goodlot and sell 1,200 trees...thats 60,000 gross income. now you will have to account for rent for the lot. most do but some dont. power, purchaceing the trees, and a few others but your still making money and it sure beats plowing

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