Is Sod left on pallet 3 days dead

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by Rick Sullivan, Jun 13, 2008.

  1. Rick Sullivan

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    I have a small area (750sq ft) that I sodded last week. Because of delays in top soil prep, the sod (kentucky blue) sat for 3 days. it was watered, but sat in 1 day of 100 degree heat (mostly shade) Upon installtion the sod was yellowing some, but not terrible. It still is in that greenish brown state 5 days later. It has been watered 2 to 3 times daily 20 mins. The areas in the shade are doing better. Sun areas worse. the sod is set nicely and seated into the underlying topsoil (5"). the edges are still bright green where they saw sun on the pallet. I have read through some threads that suggest over watering, fungus, under water. Is there anyhting special to indicate care, or is this stuff just going to die. It looks like its trying to take, but I'd like to help it along if possible. Thanks
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    I dont know about Kentucky Blue, but I laid St Augustine that was in a similar condition. The sod eventually made it back. I would put some MILORGANITE and see how it responds, it helped me out to say the least. Good Luck. Oh I forgot water the heck out of it, longer interval of course.
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    Water water water.
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    There's a good chance that the sod in the middle of the pallet heated up so much that it killed the plants. Keep the sod moist but don't flood it. The soil on the sod and the underlying soil should be damp but not saturated all day long.
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    All of the above- make sure a good starter fert is down too. The sooner it takes hold the better.

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