Is Stihl Ultra oil GOOD

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by 1998tahoe, Aug 1, 2008.

  1. GMLC

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    Stihl HP Ultra is a very good oil. We ran it for many years but switched to Amsoil Saber to save $ and have gotten even better results.
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  2. Ridin' Green

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    Totally agree with this.
  3. jkilov

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    The thing has been bothering me to the extent I have gathered data sheets of all oils I have ever used:

    STIHL HP Ultra:
    - density: 0.94 g/ml
    - pour point: -57 oC
    - plash point: 216 oC
    - viscosity at 100F: 49 cSt
    - viscosity at 210F: 8,5 cSt

    Shindaiwa Red Armor:
    - density: 0.88 g/ml
    - pour point: -42 oC
    - plash point: 73 oC
    - viscosity at 100F: 64 cSt
    - viscosity at 210F: 10.3 cSt

    RedMax 2-stroke oil:
    - density: 0.88 g/ml
    - pour point: -42 oC
    - plash point: 70 oC
    - viscosity at 100F: 49 cSt
    - viscosity at 210F: 8,5 cSt

    Castrol RS TTS:
    - density: 0.88 g/ml
    - pour point: -51 oC
    - plash point: 73 oC
    - viscosity at 100F: 51 cSt
    - viscosity at 210F: 7.6 cSt

    Amsoil Saber Professional:
    - density: 0.88 g/ml
    - pour point: -43 oC
    - plash point: 102 oC
    - viscosity at 100F: 71 cSt
    - viscosity at 210F: 11.1 cSt

    Motul 710 2T
    - density: 0.86 g/ml
    - pour point: -45 oC
    - plash point: 88 oC
    - viscosity at 100F: 46 cSt
    - viscosity at 210F: 8.9 cSt

    While not a completely comparable method I can't get over how stihl's oil is designed not to burn easily, sort of like racing oil. In any case I'm going back to Motul or Castrol as they have served me great in the past.
  4. Ormond32176

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    Saber is the best bang for your buck on a quality oil. No two ways about it.
  5. grass disaster

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    Amsoil saber is the bomb. No way would I ever pay and arm and a leg for that stihl oil.

    I buy it in a quart bottle. Its practically free. I think its like $8-$10 for a quart.
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  6. therock

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    Don't let the "plash point" (Flash?) deter you.

    Amsoil and the others are not to be knocked but do not let the higher flash point deter you if indeed that is not a type-o.

    Lots of folks have a misconception of premium or higher octane fuels. It too has a higher flash point or say burns slower. It prevents pre-ignition or spark knock and allows more advance timing in some cases. Most of the time compression ratio dictates using higher octanes or not.

    So.......... maybe, and I really don't know, that higher plash point may indicate it will lube at a higher temp before it burns eh?

    For me its like going to a great restaurant for the 1st time. When the waiter recommends the specials, its usually a win-win to go with what they want to serve you that evening.

    So, in learning about octane levels the hard way on my truck with fuel and timing I will run the faster burning 87 octane from a Oil company service station in hopes its not at the Max ethanol mixture allowed. You can bet QT, RaceTrac and the like all have the max ethanol ratios allowed. Shell & BP the last time checked was a little more forgiving.

    Ethanol doesn't scare me in running it as much as letting it sit in my system. It will attack or corrode parts unless Stihl has taken measures there.
  7. TuffTurfLawnCare

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    I run hp ultra in all my 2 strokes mixed 50:1 with AvGas. Have been doing this for years and never had a problem. No failures, no no-starts, hard starts or cracked fuel lines/primer bulbs. I don't have all the scientific data, just real world use and the only thing I have noticed is the exhaust smells different with HP Ultra and Stihl will double the warranty on new equipment if the oil is purchased at the same time as the equipment. That's worth something to me. Its been two years and I haven't even pulled a spark plug on any of my equipment and it still runs like new.

    Some people will argue the science, but for me, my experience is worth more than an msds sheet.
  8. Ditta&Sons

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    I switched to stihl hp from their premium oil but wouldn't use anything but stihl oil.
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  9. GrassGuerilla

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    Just for the record, AVgas contains lead. Probably not something you should be breathing. Ill effects or not, you are ingesting some amount of lead. I'm not screaming that you must stop polluting the environment, I just want you (and anyone considering that path) to know the risk.
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  10. exmarkking

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    What about opti-2?
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