Is Stihl Ultra oil GOOD

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by 1998tahoe, Aug 1, 2008.

  1. exmarkking

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    For comparison,
    Opti-2 is $20.00 for 25 gallons.
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  2. Ridin' Green

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    It's hard to describe really, but I like the smell of both Amsoil and HP Ultra in my 570. Sorta like racing fuel.
  3. exmarkking

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    I like racin fuel!!
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  4. Will P.C.

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    I can't stand the smell (coming from exhaust) of the orange Stihl oil. Looking forward to using this amsoil with ethanol free gas

    Anyone know what oil Tru Fuel uses in those overpriced premixed cans. That stuff burns clean? I would only buy that if they were much much cheaper. I know a medium sized arborist who only uses Tru Fuel in his chainsaws. It is a good formula but can't be much better than something like Amsoil or Stihl Ultra in ETOH free gas. I don't believe they use any stablizers or other additives. Hell, every Stihl manual I own calls for regular 89 gas min 10 ethanol and there 2 stroke Stihl Ultra oil.
  5. Ridin' Green

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    No, I don't care for any of the non synthetic oils when running the BP for longer than a few minutes.

    My 570's exhaust has a unique smell that I can only surmise is due to the strato charged engine. regardless, it doesn't bother me with either HP or Saber, but at 80:1, the Saber is a lot less noticeable.
  6. GrassGuerilla

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    I'm told that Tru-Fuel uses a Klotz synthetic oil. Reputed to be "the best" oil available.

    I do use Tru-fuel as a prophylactic of sorts. Probably overkill, but I have a handful of chainsaws that don't see regular use. I keep an 026 stihl ready to run. All other saws get the ethanol laden mix dumped after use. Put In a splash of Tru-Fuel, fire the saw up to run the good stuff into the carb, then dump the tru-fuel, and store them dry (with no trace of ethanol in the tank or carb.)

    If stored with ethanol mix, good for about a month. Stored with tru-fuel, good for a year or so. Run dry with no ethanol residue, good for years at a time.

    Btw, I haven't had to putz around with any carbs, or even diaphragms since adopting this technique. Stuff works, kinda like the old days.
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  7. ZX12R

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    I see you use Saber at 80:1, are you not comfortable using it at 100:1? Just trying to get a feel for how most mix it and why.
  8. TuffTurfLawnCare

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    Yes indeed AvGas is leaded fuel. The lead content has been lowered and is now considered 100 VLL (Very low lead) however the FAA has decided that 100LL and 100VLL can be sold under the same 100LL designation. Personally I am not concerned about the effects of the leaded fuel from my trimmer or blower. I rarely ever get whiff of it as I generally try to keep the exhaust from blowing in my face. The amount of lead being put into the environment from 2 strokes is statistically irrelevant. I probably get more lead exposure from the small aircraft flying over head as I live within 1 mile of a small municipal airport, and I know for sure I have gotten way more lead in me from time at the race tracks and drag strips.

    The amount.t of lead I breathe is still far less than what our parents and grand parents were breathing in a daily basis back in the 60's and 70's when all fuel was leaded and the cars weren't nearly as efficient as as today's two strokes. Its a choice anyone would have to make for themselves, but exposure to the leaded fuel would be, and is, the lowest concern to me.
  9. Ridin' Green

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    Many guys here do use it at 100:1 with no problem year after year. I did start off being cautious, thus the 80:1. Now it is just habit mostly, but it seems to be a good compromise and it helps keep that little voice in the back of my head quiet.:laugh:

    Seriously, I feel more comfortable using it at 80:1 in my pro saws. I've read on the arborist sites many times that the 100:1 mix is to lean for the high revving engines on saws, especially for how long and hard they get worked at any one time compared to any handheld for lawn care.
  10. therock

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    I guess I need to be brought up to speed with letting my lawn power tools sit for more than 4 to 6 weeks and Ethanol in the fuel.

    What I do is keep the tanks pretty full to avoid lots of air in there and run them every 4 to 6 week for a few minutes up to full operating temp and put them back.

    How about Stihl's HP oil with the stabilizer in it? What is it stabilizing?
    I run Oil company brand fuel in hopes for a lesser alcohol content Shell or BP mid grade.
    Does it sound suitable for my above method? Or is there no other option than running it dry?
    What is the longest no-run times you guys will go before draining the system?


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