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Is that it with Buckner?


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Visalia, CA
They're owned by Storm now, I think.

We still have some old Buckner brass valves in the ground (actually sidewalks) at a couple of older schools. They make a solenoid for them and there's even a "universal" solenoid on the market.


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The plastic 1" are called the VP series and sold at Ewing along with 1.5" and 2" (under their Landscape Products banner I think).

I went to get diaphragms for a couple last year and found they weren't available.... but the valve itself is still cheap, under $15.

As it turned out, it was a waste of time becauswe the valve or diaphragm had been slightly redesigned to the point where replacing diaphragm and bonnet didn't do the trick... I ripped out the two old valves and put in Superior 450 instead.

If I was putting in a new 1" plastic valve, and budget was a big issue, I'd go with a Superior or the Irrigation Direct 1" valve for under $10. If those aren't available to you I'd probably go with a DVF.

Buckner and Superior have the same parent company (Storm), but I've always had better results with Superior valves.