is the box truck a good idea

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    hello is the box truck a good idea? i have now a 83 c-30 one ton dump truck with a plow and sander, the truck is almost done. a 18ft enclosed trailer, 5x8 open trailer, 98s-10 6'6" plow. and a 06 f-350.
    since i need a new truck to replace my dump, i was thinking of box truck, and a dump trailer. i dont take much in the way of grass, so i dont always used the dump. i would get the dump trailer for the times i need a dump mulch, clean ups, etc. and i hate to say not all of our employess can all drive a truck and trailer.
    i would sell both of my trailers and the dump truck. i still need to figure out what to do about the s-10 and the 350. the 350 was an impulse purchance and a dum one. the truck is to nice to be a work truck.
    so in long does anyone have a box truck for there weekly maintanence, and any pointers thx sorry for any miss spelled words:hammerhead:
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    A box truck may not work for everyone but I think it would work great for us. We plan to get one, I had thought of getting one this winter but I think I'm going to hold off for now.

    We use a 8.5X20 enclosed trailer now and it works great but I think a box truck would work even better.

    We don't bag anything so that is not a concern. We have an open trailer with 4' sides that we use for hauling green waste when needed.
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    Best setup in my opinion is a 14ft cabover dump and 20ft enclosed trailer. Mow all day drop the trailer off the guys off and run to the dump and ready for the next day.

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    Thank you for the responses. After more research today I think a hook lift truck or the winch pull with a box and a platform will work best thx again
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