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Is "the check in the mail"???


LawnSite Bronze Member
One of those things I've been meaning to do for a while. Anyways "the check is now officially in the mail". THANKS CHUCK. PS- I hope you spend it on some really cheap beer, because thats all you'll be able to buy with my piddly donation.


LawnSite Bronze Member
Hey guys,<br>sorry it took me so long but i finally got the stamps! Check for $30 is on its way! Also i think its important that we keep track of how much has been collected, i think posting the total would be good then that will give the people that havent sent there money (and those who have) to send in money. like what i am thinking is if they see that we have $1000 and moving well they well say to themselves gee this is a good person to send on a trip if they already have $1000 i should send some in too! see what i am saying? i am guessing since its at a bank just a phone call should get us the balance then we can post it? i am curious as to how close we are.<br>thanks chuck and the rest of u to.<br>Scottie<p>----------<br>Scottie Schmidt<br>STS Lawn Care


LawnSite Bronze Member
Somerset, NJ
Check is on the way! Thanks Chuck! And Eric & Ray. And thanks to all of us posting, for helping each other out. What a great site!