Is the Dixie Chopper all that??????

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by turfguy33, Feb 22, 2001.

  1. turfguy33

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    My business owns and runs scag and Great Dane zero turns and walk behinds. The equipment is great, and they are very productive. The only thing i dislike is that when you are mowing large open field areas, they tend to rattle, shake and bounce the crap out of the operator especially at mowing at wide open speed of 10 mph. I have heard that the Dixie chopper is the premier "commercial" mower because of the speed of the wheels, as well as the blade tip speed. I have also heard that the overall comfort surpasses the compition.
    The only thing that I can honestly say that I dislike about the machine is the manual lever used to engage the blades.. It seems a little outdated, and in the way. Of course, I'm sure its alot cheaper to replace than a electric clutch. Please e-mail me or respond to this, season is creeping up, and I gotta buy something........Don't know what it is about this time of year, but I always have to buy a piece of equipment. Depending on the response, will greatly influence my decision......Thanks alot.

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  2. Mid Rivers

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    Don't know but they sure are ugly.:( Sorry Eric
    I use a Lazer 60in and really like it.
  3. 65hoss

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    Demo chopper and exmark lazer.

    I use the exmark because of the mulching ability. The cut is awesome, and unless I tell the customer, he thinks his yard was bagged. :D You can side discharge and it has the high blade tip speed very similar to the choppers.

    I did like the chopper when I looked at them, but I don't like the side discharge look. The chopper doesn't have a mulch kit. The choppers seem to be very well built and they do cut great. You'll need to check both out and see which would work better for you.
  4. Shack

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    My first ZTR was a Lazer, Then I bought a Toro, And then a Scag. They all a good mowers but my crew and I all agree that the Lazer cuts the best and handles a hill better. I have alway wanted to try a Chopper but the price always runs me away. I cried when I bought the Scag.
  5. Eric ELM

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    He is buying this for big open areas. I don't think he will be mulching this. If you put double blades on a Chopper, it will chop the clippings up as good as any mower and do it in a hurry too. It seems that other Mfgs. are trying to copy the DC's, I wonder why? I see them trying to make an OCDC, Striping kits, putting Donaldson Air Cleaners on them. Won't that make those mowers UGLY?

    Mid Rivers, as I said before, I don't buy a mower for looks, I buy them for the way they make a lawn look and longevity. I feel my 2001 diesel Chopper is as good of a looking mower as any Mfg makes. That's all that matters and that my customers feel they have a good looking lawn when I get done mowing them. I have had no complaints on the way the lawns look or the way my mower looks.
    Here is each. Now, let's see yours.
  6. Ricky

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    I have a '99 like Eric's. I like mine very much so far. I cut some rough fields and the atv type tires along with the soft seat eliminates most of the "bumps".
  7. nlminc

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    Last season I bought 2 2000 72" Diesel Choppers. I love the performance, comfort, and low maintenance. Eric's pictures say it all! I'm can not judge Exmark because I have never had one. Just my .02 on Dixie Chopper. My dealer is 1.5 hours away and has been fantastic for service and parts. They took care of a couple of minor recalls and both times drove here to take care of them!


  8. Mid Rivers

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    Seems I hit a nerve with the UGLY statement. Excuse me for making a observation. Some feel Harleys are UGLY I don't, but if that is the way they feel so be it. I don't take it personaly. As for longevity, I think a Lazer, Chopper, Scag and many others will last as long as needed, if you maintain them correctly.:) In the future I will refrain from making personal observations about the looks of a Chopper.;)

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  9. John DiMartino

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    Mid-rivers-I own a 2000 60"dixie chopper-and yes its ugly,unless its spotless-then the stainless shines and it looks ok,but hit one dip and its filthy.The wide rear tires kick crap all over the deck,and around the spindles.if you want to go fast in open fields,the Dixie is probably the best bet,you will get bounced to death if its rough,mine kills my back,with the bucking and bouncing,it wont take long for you to slow down or end up at the chiropractors.The seat on mine is comfy,but the backrest hits my back in an uncomfortable way-so as it bucks,it hurts.I dont think any other mower(except the Ferris is any better bouncing wise),its just something you have to live with on a machine with a 44"wheelbase,no longer than a shopping cart.If your concerned with details,dont buy the Chopper,its very rough around the edges,but works well for open areas.The biggest downfall to the dixie seems to be the dealers and the price-yes i feel they are as good as any mower overall, but not at retail price.
  10. Eric ELM

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    Mid Rivers:

    You didn't hit any nerves here. If you did, you would have known it by now. :D

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