Is the MOD deck worth it?

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    I plan to buy a slightly used (0-300hrs) 2010-2012 John Deere Z900. I want to get it with a 60" MOD deck. I have read on here and researched quite a bit, and see mixed reviews. Some reviews are older and from the MOD 7 Iron I decks, others maybe the 7 Iron II decks. Some say that a MOD deck won't side discharge as well as a non MOD deck. And on, and on. I really don't think the decks have changed at all over the last 2-3 years. So I'm here to hear the final call. Let me know what mower you have, deck type, size etc. specific as possible and your experience with your MOD deck. In all grass types, wet, dry, short- how short? , tall- how tall?, going slow, 8mph, full speed, grass type, thick, thin. You get the idea. Hopefully this will help me out and many others who may have the same question.

    Secondly, if you could state the model and HP of the engine and what you think of it power wise that would be appreciated as well.

    I would wait and demo them, but I need to get one before the grass gets growing! Thanks to all who reply, the fate of my next mower is in your hands:laugh:
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    I have a 2012 Z950 w/60" MOD and the (now) 27 HP Kawi. I had the 7 Iron II deck before that. The MOD stripes better, but I believe that the std side discharge deck cuts a little better overall. It's close though, and last season was really tough to judge the MOD by with the drought making the grass so tough to cut cleanly. The MOD discharges great, wet or dry IME. I made some extended baffles to replace the adjustable baffles underneath between the blades, and installed OEM wavy mulching blades. That is the best combination I have used so far. I can truly mulch, and still discharge great with that set-up. Height of grass didn't seem to make much difference except when mulching with the stock set-up. If grass is tall and you are mulching, you won't have as clean a cut as side discharging, and you'll end up with a windrow along the right side of the deck. The extended baffles I made all but totally eliminated that problem.
    The deck comes with high lifts, and they work great, but cause too much blowout with the MOD closed, which is another reason I made the baffles up and added the wavy mulchers. Those blades cut great while side discharging too. It is very handy to be able to truly mulch, or side discharge at the tug of a lever.
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    I have ordered a 54" MOD and will be using this year. Can you post a pic of your modified baffles?
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    I made them of heavy gauge steel that matches the thickness of the one's that came on it. They are the same shape and dimensions, just longer front to back.

    They close off the space between the baffle and the front movable baffle a lot more. The stock set-up leaves a gap of 2 3/4" when the MOD is closed. My new ones leave approximately 3/4" gap. It makes the deck mulch around each blade a LOT better, and all but eliminates the windrow that forms alongside the right chute cover. It mulches leaves now without all the front blowout, and actually draws them in from outside the deck. Like I said though, you have to use the OEM wavy mulchers with it for it to perform it's best.


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    I had a dealer drop off one of them today, said to play with it a week or so, sure wish it was warmer to play with it.,
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    Here's some more-
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    Is it one of the new B M or R models?
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