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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by tramahor, Mar 10, 2002.

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    Hi guys, I have a pricing question. I have a client that does not want sod but wants to overseed. I just bought a used bluebird dethatcher ( 120.00 ) and a used ryan aerator ( 300.00 ). My plan is to aerate, dethatch and overseed. My question is would you dethatch or aerate first and what would you charge. The dimensions are:18' x 27'2" one area and the other is14'9" x 7'4" there is a sidewalk seperating the two. Materials will run me $45.00. Is $350.00 in the ballpark, this would also include a soil test prior to the seed going down and fert. Thanks in advance.:blob3:

    Ramirez Landscaping Co.
  2. Not even 1000 square feet.

    $350 sounds excesive.

    $250 including soil sample sounds better.
  3. 2 man crew

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    I would say you should definitly dethatch first. If you aerate first it will be a big mess trying to dethatch and bag with plugs on the surface.
    $350 sounds good to me.
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    I was thinking 350.00 because I would charge 750.00 to sod. It comes to 597 ft2 @ 1.25 ft2 for sod install= 746.25 (750.00) so I figure saving 400.00 and getting good results for his lawn seeding would be worth it for him. Its a win/win situation. Thanks for your input and keep um comming. Dethat or areate first and why?
  5. Sod around here come in 1 square yard sections.

    Price per a peice $1.10.

    You have 22.11 sq yrds of area.

    Cost $24.32 + tax.

    Your figuring a peice of sod at 1' X 1' sections?

    Ours comes squares of 18" X 24" at $1.10 or rolls of 18" X 4' at $2.20.

    Sodding will take more peperation than dethatching, aeration, and seeding.

    But $750 still sounds excesive. The sod is actually the cheaper route.

    Dethacth it, aerate it, fertilize it, then "SOD" it. $250. maybe your $350.
  6. If you think that you will be spending $45 for fert and seed to do 1k sq ft you need to check your numbers.

    To dethatch, aerate 2x, broadcast seed, drag and roll 1k sq ft should take no more than 2 hours if you were a one armed man.

    How are you going to justify charging the customer $450 for two hours work?
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    Dethatch (pick up and haul), aerate, overseed and starter fert.

  8. TOSLC

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    I agree with the others, the price sounds a little high. However if you can get the money, and still sleep at night, go for it. As far as the job goes you'll want to dethatch and clean-up first. Next aerate, then seed. It will be much easier. BTW where did you find a dethacher for $120, and an aerator for $300?
  9. tramahor

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    Guys,Guys I dont want to sound like a price gouger, thats why im asking here first to get everyones ideas. Also, remember I live in Sacramento Ca. I break the price down like this:
    soil test-50
    fert-seed-top soil--50
    labor x 2 hours 80.00
    grand total=320.00

    dethatcher and areator are paid for
    soil test cost me $ 4.00
    fert-seed-topsoil cost me $50.00
    total profit $266.00
    remember out of the $266.00 I have to pay for gas in my truck, ins, taxes, biz lic fee. Ya he could pay the neighbor kid down the road $ 40.00 bucks and a soda pop to do it but you all know you get what you pay for. Thanks Stone, it was 350.00 not 450.00. Toslc, I get great deals on stuff (commercial ) from a company here in Sacramento that there main biz is construction ( multi million dollar co ) but they do some landscape maint. After they use there stuff for a couple of seasons they just keep it around and they buy new. I found them on accident and a talked to the owner and he agreed to sell. I got the thatcher bluebird for 120.00 and the ryan aerator 300.00. He has 2 toro wb 44" he wants 400.00 each with almost new kawisaki engines, they start on the first pull. On Friday im going to pick up a 36 exmark for 300.00. In Sacramento everyone has small gates so you need a smaller mower. Well not to ramble on, thanks for all the input guys.......

    Ramirez Landscaping Co
  10. kutnkru

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    For about 600sf of turf to be seeded and top dressed with peat moss to keep the birds out I would charge them about $135 bucks. If they wanted the soil tested charge em another $19.95 and it still only gets you about $155 - including taxes etc.

    I KNOW that Cali is going broke, you guys have a higher cost of living, but I still couldnt justify that much money for such a small area!!!

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