Is the squealing/grinding sound of the cone drive in dixons normal?

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by Mr Priceless, Apr 13, 2007.

  1. Mr Priceless

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    I went to a garden business 2 days ago that's being auctioned off tommorrow and in the auction is being sold a late 90's ish dixon ZTR cone drive, and the owner of the business let me check the whole 9 yards, like air filter, oil, engine throttle/idle, blade engagement, etc. There appeared to be maybe 40-80 hours on the machine at the most, the air filter was clean, oil was completely clear, no smoking/knocking of the engine, and the blade engagement was smooth. It came time for him to let me test drive it....well the very first touch of the T contol bar gave a moderate to loud "squealing" of the drive system, yet it was very responsive, and the owner said his dealer said that the "squealing" was completely normal for it.

    Putting all low opinions aside and any other low feelings for dixons, is cone drive squealing really normal?
  2. ncls

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    Not sure what cone drive is, but there is probably a belt that drives a pump(s), that belt is old, slipping, loose,etc. Look underneath the engine.
  3. Mr Priceless

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    it's possible....the cone drive seemed to need af\djusting also, since on handle was significantly cocked further than the other one in my test drive:confused:
  4. steve45

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    There is no pump on a cone-drive Dixon. Could be a belt slipping, but mine has never squealed in 23 years. (Everything else has broken on it!!!)

    I'd bet it's got a bad bearing in the input shaft of the transaxle.

    These things aren't that hard to work on, after you've done it once, but they're impossible to keep adjusted properly. You'll never see one where the levers are even while going forward AND backward. You'll probably have to adjust the transaxle every 20 - 30 hours of use.

    Buy a service manual for it if you end up buying the mower. The dealers typically don't service the transaxle anymore, they just sell you a factory exchange unit for $500 (plus labor). You can service it yourself for a lot less!

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