Is there a difference between fire bowls and fire pits?

Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by CaseyJones45, Oct 27, 2014.

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    I'm trying to get an answer on this because, according to my landlord, I can't have a 'fire pit', but it doesn't say anything about fire bowls. I'm not supposed to 'permanently alter the yard by building, cementing, or otherwise hardscaping the area'. But from what I can see, fire bowls are more like large bird feeders and can be moved, so when I leave this house (not that I really plan to) I can take it with me, and nothing has been changed. Can someone tell me more about this?
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    Fire pit is typically a circular ring around an open pit. This pit could be gas flame or wood burning. We haven't installed any bowls, but from a couple of quotes I did, I can tell you they are very pricey. They could be moved or disconnected and taken away much easier than it would be to disassemble a fire "pit".



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    We have done a number of firepits and firebowls. Our fire bowls are always plumbed with natural gas or from the houses propane tank. Our bowls are either mounted on top of a stone column and we have done a couple in the center of round granite table tops.
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    Get a chiminea or however its spelled
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    I've installed a few of these in my business. Fire pits can be built in or mobile, like the small tabletop fire pits. But fire bowls are almost always mobile, and it just depends on the size of the fire bowl as to how hard it is to move it. Copper fire bowls are a little lighter than the concrete ones, but you'll have to have help with any of them to move them. Check out this blog, it's got some pictures and good info on different sizes of fire bowls and stuff...
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    Thanks for the responses. It looks like fire bowls are a little steep, but I really really want something, so I'm going to check out fire bowls. As far as I can tell, that skirts the clause in my lease paperwork.
  7. zedosix

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    Like RJ said, get a chimnea. Its your best bet for quick fire and easy to move.
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    I'm not into medical herb, but I'd rather fire up a bowl than a pit:laugh:

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